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Optimised management of
your company bank accounts

Notional or real Cash Pooling to suit your needs

Enjoy higher interest income for your accounts

Keep track of your company’s liquidity

Efficiently finance your subsidiaries


  • View information about account balances online and in one place

  • Wide range of other optional services for connected accounts


  • Optimise your interest income and expense
  • Ensure ideal distribution of financial fund for efficient cash-flow management
  • Intended for business entities authorised to carry out business activities in the Czech Republic, municipalities, regions and their contributory organisations

KB offers the following Cash Pooling types: a domestic or foreign, real or notional, single or multi-currency.  

Notional Cash Pooling

  • This Cash Pooling is mainly focused on maximising interest income and minimising interest expense, while keeping individual accounts financially independent
  • It is suitable for companies and institutions with decentralised financial management that require maximum autonomy of connected accounts
  • It may be used by independent legal entities as well as group companies with their bank accounts in KB
  • No physical transfer of funds in connected accounts, with only their balances netted – there is thus no merging of funds
  • Accounts in various currencies can be connected to notional Cash Pooling, thereby creating a multi-currency structure 

Real Cash Pooling

  • It is intended for independent legal entities as well as group companies with their bank accounts in KB
  • Real transfer of financial funds between the central and connected accounts – all connected accounts are zero-balanced at the end of each business day
  • Solution that allows companies or group of companies to fully control their financial funds within the Cash Pooling structure

International Cash Pooling

  • Real, cross-border, single-currency Cash Pooling intended for groups of related companies with highly centralised financial management
  • Benefit from efficient cash-flow management for multinational corporations
  • Accounts connected to international Cash Pooling are automatically zero-balanced and financial funds are centralized within a KB account
  • All standard services available for current accounts can be provided for connected accounts
  • Technical Interest Rules for Multi-Currency Cash Pooling – this document is intended for product users (Czech version)