How may we
assist you?

Receive funding to
purchase another
company’s shares 

Expand your business through acquisitions

Loan available in CZK and foreign currencies

Expand and stabilise your business

Loan terms and conditions tailored to your situation


  • We can also arrange share purchases on the stock exchange

  • Loan available with a fixed or variable interest rate


  • Business loan intended for acquiring interest/shares in another company
  • Funding aimed at takeovers of other business entities (companies/cooperatives) through acquisition of interests or shares in independent enterprises
  • Medium or long-term loan with amortization schedule or balloon repayment, together with other facilities associated with acquisitions  
  • Loan available in several currencies under a single loan agreement
  • Funds may be transferred directly to a seller’s account or used by KB to purchase shares on the stock exchange 
  • Available with a fixed or variable interest rate

Intended for sole traders, companies, and legal entities.

Loan requirements:

  • Sound financial health of your company and acquired companies
  • In addition to standard security, acquired shares/interests are usually used as collateral. Furthermore, assets of acquired companies may be used as collateral, subject to terms and conditions of financial assistance