How may we
assist you?

Receive money to
perform your contract

Your loan is secured by an export contract
and opened letter of credit. 

Deferred payment option available for your clients

KB consulting prior to contract conclusion

Foreign exchange risk hedging with payments in contract currency

Loan maturity to reflect the payment under letter of credit


  • Loan for sole traders and companies designed to finance production (i.e. purchase of materials or production-related operating needs) or purchase of goods intended for export
  • Finance a specific contract and improve the management of associated cash flows
  • Loan secured by a signed export contract and opened letter of credit
  • Increase your company’s competitiveness with deferred payment option for your business partners
  • Hedge your foreign exchange risk by utilising your loan in your contract currency
  • Benefit from more accurate financing cost calculations with KB’s assistance
  • Letter of credit to be used for loan repayment must be confirmed by KB
  • Loan amount of up to 80% of opened letter of credit
  • Deferred payment option for customers – provide this option to your customers by combining the L/C prepayment loan with accounts receivable purchases