Use KB Certificates with Other Partners

Holders of a KB personal certificate who use it for secure access to e-banking services can also use it with an ever increasing number of partners.

The following offer is attractive especially for doctors and medical institutions willing to electronically communicate with health insurance companies.

What advantages does the possibility of using a KB certificate with your partners provide?

  • Simple and secure information exchange and access to secured websites
  • Universal use of a single certificate
  • Cost savings – for individual certificates that you would need for communication with partners.

You already own a KB personal certificate and want to use it with your partners. How to proceed?

  1. Use the Certification Wizard to work with your personal certificate. In the Certification Wizard, simply enable your personal certificate for use with your partners using the “Partners” menu option and follow the instructions for Access to the personal certificate in a file or Access to the personal certificate on smart card.
  2. Now you can choose to save the public part of the certificate on a portable or hard disk. The public part of the certificate (file with *.p7c extension) is intended for passing on to your partner; the manner of passing on the public part depends on the partner's conditions.