Cover investments,
operations, and inventory

Up to CZK 5,000,000

Fixed interest rate throughout the loan term

Loan term of up to 7 years

Optional payment protection insurance available


  • Company operations

  • Purchase of inventory

  • Financing of repair and maintenance

  • Acquisition of tangible fixed assets

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This loan is intended for entrepreneurs and legal entities engaged in business activities in / tax residents of the Czech Republic. The loan is provided in CZK, with maximum loan amount of CZK 5,000,000.

It is available as a short-term (up to 1 year), medium-term (up to 5 years) or long-term loan (up to 7 years) – in the form of one or several drawdowns.

Profi Loan FIX may be used to finance:

  • Inventory and short-term trade receivables to maturity 
  • Tangible fixed assets (this does not apply to IT equipment and software, unless included in comprehensive workplace equipment)
  • Operating needs
  • Repair and maintenance cost

This loan may be paid out directly to contractors’ accounts on the basis of presented documents (invoices) or to your account - with KB verifying the given purpose later based on information from accounting books.

Investments are always financed on the basis of presented documents.

Loan repayment:

  • Gradually – in the form of monthly annuity payments;
  • At least one interest rate payment between the loan drawdown and 1st annuity payment, with annuity payments made thereafter

Profi Loan FIX is available without security or with security in the form of co-acceptance to a blank collateral draft. Moreover, standard security instruments are used for amounts over CZK 2,000,000:

  • Guarantee
  • Right of lien to real estate
  • Right of lien to movables or receivables

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