Factoring Flexible form of trade receivables financing with optional protection against insolvency of customers. SHOW Profi Auto Loan for the purchase of a passenger or small commercial vehicle. SHOW EuroCreative Loan A corporate loan that benefits from a guarantee given by the European Investment Fund. SHOW Loans supported by PGRLF, a.s. Enjoy benefits resulting from the partnership of KB and the Farming and Forestry Relief and Guarantee Fund (PGRLF). SHOW Loans Supported by ČMZRB a.s. Loans with a bank guarantee by Českomoravská záruční a rozvojové banka under special terms SHOW Profi Mortgage Loan Real estate loan for entrepreneurs and small businesses. SHOW Loans for Housing Cooperatives and Associations of Unit Owners Modernise your residential building with a loan of up to CZK 300,000 per unit. SHOW Financing of Farm Land Convenient financing of farm land under special terms. SHOW Profi Loan for Beginning Farmers For farmers, who wish to start up their business. SHOW Profi Technique Lease of new and used machinery, equipment, and technology intended for entrepreneurs and small businesses. SHOW Bank guarantee Payment and non-payment guarantees as an instrument mitigating commercial risks for a wide range of creditors. SHOW Documentary Letter of Credit Bank’s commitment to only pay the purchase price to the seller after contract terms and conditions are met SHOW Documentary Collection A documentary payment instrument that ensures security of business transactions for both parties. SHOW Term loan for fixed assets A business loan intended for financing of purchases of machinery, vehicles, and other movable assets. SHOW