Connecting offer and demand
of free production capacities

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Access to new business opportunities

Sharing free production capacities

Direct contact with large contracting authorities

Acquiring new and cheaper suppliers


  • Assistance in filling in the profile of the production machine

  • Free audit directly at your place of production. Possibility of obtaining the status of Proven Cooperative

  • Savings in purchase prices of at least 5%

  • More information about the cooperation at KOOPERACE.CZ/KB


  • For those who are looking for new contracts

Is the capacity of your machines higher than the currently contracts? Do you have interesting know-how and technology without heavy traffic? Offer your capacity to other companies. You can advertise machine parameters on KOOPERACE.CZ and get new orders and business partners.

  • For those who are looking for partners for its production and custom orders

Search on KOOPERACE.CZ  business partner with appropriate and free production capacity. Alternatively, send a specific request with a technical description of the desired product and KOOPERACE.CZ will find the right business partners for you.

  • For those who have older and less powerful machine

If you don't want to invest in a new machine yet, take the opportunity to find the corresponding production capacity and a business partner in the KOOPERACE.CZ.​

  • You will receive a confirmation email and a link to set up your password
  • You will be able to change your business fields and free production capacity in the administration
  • You can also search for cooperation for free
  • Before the end of the 12-month trial period, a KOOPERACE.CZ employee will contact you to discuss further cooperation with you

Good to have

Create your first invoice with a robot in under a minute
  • Easy online invoicing
  • Reports of costs and practical statistics


KB eTrading
KB eTrading is our internet based Foreign Exchange and Money Market deposits dealing platform
  • Get better exchange rates compared to the basic exchange list
  • Live/online prices are available 24 hours a day (each business day)