You may have the certificate
stored on a smart card.

You need to get the installation information available
when arranging Internet banking at a branch office.

On chip card

To work properly, you need to install a smart card reader. Then sign in to the Certification Guide and click on "Create New Certificate". Enter the ID number you find in your branch agreement and the password that came with your SMS message. And done, you can sign up for banking.

About certificates

  • The personal certificate in the file is accompanied by authorization SMS messages to confirm individual operations. The SMS is sent on the basis of the risk assessment of the transaction.
  • The Company Certificate is used to secure communication during automatic download of account data and Payment Card Acceptance Reports using the Direct Channel, and to secure communications between our online store and us to use the MojePlatba button.
  • The personal certificate on the chip card ensures greater security of the certificate storage. The card certificate can not be copied in any way. Therefore, if there is no physical loss of the chip card, the abuse of the certificate is virtually ruled out. Working with a certificate on a smart card is also much easier and faster because you only enter a 4-digit PIN. Always use an external keyboard reader to ensure the highest possible security level when entering a PIN.

  • The personal and corporate certificates are valid for 2 years. You can extend it online 90 days before expiration. If you do not do it until then, you'll have to fix it personally at the branch office.

Updated: 08. 07. 2020

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