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What is Banking Identity?

Banking Identity is currently used to verify your identity when communicating with the bank.

However, it will soon be possible to use it for easier, more convenient and secure communication with public authorities, clients, business partners, and even employees.

You can use it for business and personal use. Banking Identity will reliably verify that tasks are carried out by you or the relevant person verifying his/her identity (as appropriate) – and no one else.

KB Klíč application

You can use KB Klíč to:

  • Sign into and confirm payments in your internet banking
  • Verify identity with the bank as well as nonbanking partners or institutions
  • Sign documents remotely
  • Transfer data in a secure manner

How can Banking Identity help you?

With Banking Identity, you can digitize your processes, saving time and operating cost.

It will be possible to sign contractual and other documents with customers or business partners using the same login information that you (and they) use to communicate with the bank (e.g. to sign into internet banking).

This will bring time savings on both sides; however, if you communicate with customers via your client portal or online store, it will result in lower client password administration and system security costs. Digitization of processes will reduce administration associated with signing of paper contracts and costs of their archiving.

For more information about Banking Identity, visit the website of the Czech Banking Association bankovni-identita.cz.

Available services

Identity sharing

Provision of information under the applicable AML legislation – i.e. taking over full identification of your client from KB.

The bank will provide you with data concerning your client that might be necessary to verify such client’s identity. You can simply verify your client online, similarly as if verifying such client’s identity at a branch using their identity card.

Currently being prepared

Signatures – MůjPodpis

Simple and secure way for signing documents digitally that saves time and money for you and your business partners.

Signing in

Verified login method for your online store, client portal, etc. that results in lower client password administration and system security costs.

Verification of personal data

Provision of verified “yes/no” answers to specific questions (e.g. whether a client is of legal age).

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