Visit one of our branches 
Come to your home branch – do not forget your 
identity card. At other branches, you will
need 2 identity documents, e.g. identity card
and driving licence. 

What are the next steps?


We will generate a new certificate for you

Your old certificate will no longer be valid. 


And you are good to go!

Simply upload the new certificate in your internet banking at home and start using it again!

How do certificates work?

Your certificate validity is 2 years.

You can renew your certificate electronically 90 days prior to its expiration using the Certification Wizard.

We will notify you of the certificate expiration 30 days prior to expiration – every time you log into your internet banking.

In case you fail to renew your certificate prior to its expiration, you will need to visit your branch and apply for a new certificate.

In case of any problems with the renewal of your certificate, contact us at +420 955 551 556 (available from 9am to 4pm).

Updated: 10. 11. 2020

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