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For the current number of our ATMs, including the possibility to locate nearby ATMs and contactless or deposit ATMs, go to Branches and ATMs or use the Mobilní banka app.


The main benefit of a contactless ATM is the fact that you never let go of your payment card or mobile device (Google PayApple PayGarmin PayFitbit Pay) – you simply hold it close to a reader. Contactless cash withdrawals promote safety and security and reduce the time spent at an AMT. Moreover, there is no risk of your card being retained by an ATM, because you never insert it inside.


Deposit ATMs are easy to spot with their identification:  DEPOSIT/WITHDRAWAL.

There is no need to visit our branch with your excess cash. You can simply deposit the money using deposit ATMs and a debit card. Remember that you can deposit up to 200 banknotes in the maximum amount of CZK 300,000 per single transaction.


Cash withdrawals using KB debit cards are absolutely free (two withdrawals each month with a Prima Card for children). When making a withdrawal, you can select one of the pre-set amounts or use “Another amount” option, where you can specify any amount of up to CZK 80,000 (the amount must be divisible by 200 or 500). For cash withdrawals of up to CZK 4,800 in total, an ATM will let you choose denominations.

You can deposit cash to an account using our debit or deposit cards – absolutely free of charge. It is possible to deposit up to 200 banknotes; however, no more than CZK 300,000 at a time. An ATM will allow you to insert additional banknotes as part of one transaction – always up to 200 banknotes or CZK 300,000.

If need be, you can conveniently change your card PIN at any ATM of Komerční banka. Select “Change PIN” on the ATM home screen, enter your new PIN and re-enter it to confirm.

You can easily check your account balance using an ATM. In the main menu, go to “Account balance” – an ATM will provide you with a print-out of your disposable balance.

Press the “Mobile services” button in the main menu for mobile phone operators (O2, Vodafone, and T-Mobile), select the relevant operator and then the required service (e.g. mobile top-ups, invoice payments, etc.). Available services may vary for individual operators.

Do you wish to simplify your cash withdrawals? Use the favourite cash withdrawal option. Specify your favourite amount, language, and whether or not a receipt is to be printed. Select the “Favourite withdrawal settings” option in the main menu and follow the relevant instructions to easily set everything up. You can also save your favourite amount after making a cash withdrawal via “Another amount” option.

When your card is about to expire, an ATM will notify you with the following on-screen message. Therefore, you will know to expect a new card soon.

You can activate a new card by making a cash withdrawal or using the following option in the main menu: “Other services” – Card activation.

  • Insert a KB debit/credit card in an ATM and input your PIN;
  • Select “Other services”;
  • Go to “Renew KB Klíč/password”
  • Enter the telephone number specified in your Electronic Signature Agreement to receive a one-time renewal password;
  • Confirm the telephone number;
  • Once you confirm the telephone number, you will receive a text message (SMS) with a code for the KB Klíč activation;
  • Open KB Klíč and enter your activation data (your identification number and an activation code);
  • As the final step, you have to create a new code.

Did not find an answer?

KB Card Customer Service 
Tel.: +420 955 512 230

We recommend that you save the contact info in your phone.