Below you can find a list of unique identifiers of payment accounts for which Komerční banka, pursuant to Act No. 186/2016 Coll., On Gambling is required to ensure that payment transactions are neither credited nor debited to the payment accounts listed in the list of unauthorized internet games (available also on - czech version only).

Type of identifier Unique payment account identifier Date of listing on a list of unauthorized internet games Date of deletion from the list of unauthorized internet games
Account number 5990242/0800 2017/07/26 2021/04/28
IBAN MT80STBA191160000
IBAN DE38512308000000056972 2017/11/27  
IBAN CZ4208000000000002517492 2018/01/16 2021/04/28
Account number 0000002300703831/2010 2018/02/15