step 1

Log in to KB MojeBanka Internet Banking, select „Equa bank, a.s.“ and press the "Continue" button. You will be redirected to the Equa bank Internet Banking.


step 2

The Equa bank Internet Banking login window will be displayed. Log in to Equa bank and enter the SMS confirmation code you will recieve


step 3

After logging in, click on the „Confirm“ button in order to give permission to link your account to the KB Internet Banking.

step 4

After successful linking, a confirmation screen with the information "Account access granted" will be displayed and you will be redirected back to the MojeBanka Internet Banking.

step 5

You will see your linked account from Equa bank in the KB Internet Banking, however,you need to take a few more steps in the Equa bank Internet Banking to make your account work properly.


step 6

Log in to the Equa bank Internet Banking and click on "Accounts Access". Select the first option "Add new permission" using the blue buttons.


step 7

On the "Add New Permission" screen, expand the items in the middle of the page and select "Komerční banka, a.s." from the list. In the second selection, select the type of an account for which you want to grant the permission.


step 8

You need to confirm the selected bank and the account you are authorizing. At the bottom bar, select "Generate New Authorization Code", enter it in the appropriate field and confirm.


step 9

You will see a confirmation in the green bar at the top of the screen. Your account is now linked.