Instant payments are credited to our clients' accounts in no time

On Monday, August 19, 2019, we took another step to make all domestic CZK payments in real time and to process them 24/7.

From now on, you can receive money in your CZK current and savings accounts from other banks that support instant payments, on any business or non-business day, at any time of day or night.

These banks include Air Bank, CREDITAS Bank and Česká spořitelna. More banks should join by the end of this year and then next year.

Once the instant payment has been credited to your account, your available balance will be updated immediately.

Money credited to your account on business days from the morning until 8:30 PM can be used for anything you wish. Please note that money credited to your account on non-business days or on business days after 8:30 PM cannot be used for standing orders, automatic transfers, credit card and other repayments, or batch payments. However, you can use them for card payments, cash withdrawals or other payments.

Instant payments cannot be received in favor of foreign currency accounts, term deposit accounts, internal bank accounts and all types of loan accounts.

Incoming instant payments to your account are for the same price as other domestic incoming payments.

We are currently testing sending instant payments to Air Bank, CREDITAS and Česká spořitelna. Once we're happy with the outgoing instant payments, you will be able to enter them, too. We expect to bring you this functionality by the end of September.

We can already reveal that it will be possible to send instant payments as individual and one-off payments of up to CZK 400,000 via the Mobilní banka, Mobilní banka Business and MojeBanka internet banking. When requesting an instant payment, you will need to select the "Instant Payment" method which will only be available after entering the payee account number, for payments to banks that support receiving instant payments. After successful authorization, the instant payment will be credited to the payee's account in a few seconds.