Special offer for new accounts opened 
from 1 January till 30 June 2021

Bonus Invest Savings Account
with an interest rate of

up to 3% p.a. 
throughout 2021

Your money is always available

Free of charge with KB current accounts

Deposits are insured by law


For standard savings, we recommend the Bonus account. When you invest, you will get rewarded with the Bonus Invest account. With Bonus Active account, you will receive special bonuses for card payments.

Special Offer

Bonus Invest Savings Account with an interest rate of up to 3 % p.a.

Provided that you invest the same or higher amount in selected funds.

If you are looking for an interesting increase of value of your funds, we have a solution for you. Deposit part of your money into the Bonus Invest Savings Account and invest the same amount in selected KB investment products. Such approach combines the safety of well-interested and quickly available savings account reserves with the advantage of a higher return on your investment.

We offer:

  • Potential for higher increase of value - we can help you choose the right investment solution
  • Savings interest rate up to 3 % p.a. up to CZK 3 million throughout 2021
  • Money available at any time - from savings account within one day, from funds within one month at the latest

This offer is valid for Bonus Invest Savings Accounts opened from 1 January till 30 June 2021.

Selected price list items

Account maintenance
Free of charge
Transfer from account to an account within KB in the same currency
Free of charge
Incoming payment in CZK from other domestic bank
Free of charge


By phone

Leave it all up to us. Leave your contact information – we will call you back.

At a branch

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Get the service online – directly in the MojeBanka application.



Choose one of three types of accounts, based on the services you use.

Bonus Invest account

  • This product is great when you want to deposit some money in a savings account and invest the rest
  • In case you invest in selected investment products, you will get an interest rate bonus every six months
  • Interest rate is calculated based on your lowest savings account balance or investment in the given period
  • Interest rate is guaranteed for the entire calendar semester, with interest accrued quarterly

Investments in mutual funds involve risk of fluctuation of current value of investments and returns thereon. There is no guarantee that the initially invested amount would be fully recovered. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Information specified herein does not serve as an investment guide / does not represent investment recommendation or another offer to purchase or sell any investment instruments.

Bonus account

  • Bonus rate is guaranteed for the entire calendar semester
  • Basic interest accrued quarterly

Bonus Active account

  • This product is great if you use your payment cards often
  • In case you make at least 5 card payments each month in the total amount of CZK 5,000, you will receive an interest rate bonus every six months
  • Transaction settlement date to be used as the decisive date
  • It applies to debit and credit cards, as well as cards used by other authorised individuals
  • You will receive bonus for online card payments, mobile phone top-up in ATMs or electronic wallet top-up
  • Interest is accrued quarterly; it is guaranteed for the entire calendar semester and calculated based on the lowest balance for the given period

Specific conditions

You must have a current account in KB and be over the age of 18 years.

Necessary documents

Present 2 identity documents (e.g. identity card and passport)

Good to have

MůjÚčet Plus Account
Account for everyone with authorized overdraft up to CZK 60,000.
  • Cash withdrawals from KB ATM free of charge
  • 2 Cash withdrawal from ATM of other domestic banks monthly free of charge
MůjÚčet Gold Account
A gold payment card, free ATM withdrawals
worldwide and premium travel insurance
  • Free withdrawals around the world
  • Extensive travel insurance for your whole family
Building Savings
Safe savings with a bonus of up to CZK 2,000 per year and possibility to benefit from a housing loan under special terms
  • Get up to CZK 700,000 immediately and without security
  • We will refund investments for the past 12 months

Supplementary pension savings

To prepare for tomorrow, do your best today
  • You will get up to CZK 6,360 a year from the state
  • Your employer can contribute as well
  • When paying with the A card you get 1% of the amount back to your pension account