• American FX Forward

    A modification of the FX forward that allows continuous drawing on the nominal, as needed by the client.


Transactions can be closed in all currencies shown in KB Exchange List.


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About American FX Forward

  • Instrument for hedging currency risk
  • FX forward modification, with the possibility of continuous drawing on the agreed nominal
  • Available in all currencies of the KB Exchange List
  • Transactions are closed by telephone with our dedicated dealers
  • After each transaction, you will receive information with agreed transaction parameters

You might also like to know

  • Counterparties agree on standard parameters – currency pair, nominal, and settlement date
  • In addition, buyer of an American FX forward is also entitled to request partial exercise anytime between the initial date and the maturity date which results in reduction of outstanding nominal
  • In case the buyer does not exchange the entire nominal prior to the maturity date, the remaining amount of the nominal is automatically settled on this date

Important information for you


  • Potential profit or loss from transactions denominated in foreign currencies is affected by exchange rate fluctuations
  • In theory, neither profits nor losses are limited in any way

Example of risk

Check out this model example of risk:

  • Client enters into an American FX forward with his bank
  • Client sells EUR 1 million, buying CZK
  • Agreed exchange rate: 27.950
  • The client then enters into two exchanges, with notional amount of EUR 500,000 each
    • As of the first settlement date, the current spot exchange rate was 27.900
      • Client hedged his currency risk and also generated profit of CZK 25,000
    • As of the second settlement date, the current spot exchange rate was 28.000
      • The client incurred a loss of CZK 25,000; however, if the transaction was executed as hedging, the loss represents the cost of hedging
      • Hedging protects clients from significant exchange rate fluctuations that could result in their serious financial problems
  • The provided example is illustrative only and its purpose is to describe the functioning and the use of the product. It is not reflecting the past or the expected future market movement.