• Insurance Programme for Cities and Municipalities

    The insurance covers damages to municipal property including agricultural assets and public liability.


The insurance covers a full range of unexpected adverse events.


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Be protected against a wide range of risks.

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Insurance Programme for Cities and Municipalities

  • Offers comprehensive protection tailored to specific needs of cities and municipalities
  • The insurance covers:
    • Damages to municipal real estate and movables
    • Third party liability
    • Agricultural operations
  • Thanks to our cooperation with Česká pojišťovna, our clients can benefit from a 20% discount not only on the municipality insurance programme, but also on any other new business insurance coverage concurrently arranged with Česká pojišťovna
  • You need to be aware of that there are:
    • Loss limits for individual insurable risks
    • Different deductibles for individual risks
    • Coverage for risk of theft for machinery of less than 1 000 kg
    • Automatic supplementary insurance coverage for electronics for 30 days from purchase
    • Insurance coverage for city Public Adress system, internet network infrastructure, signage, and equipment of pedestrian zones
  • You need to know that public liability insurance includes:
    • Coverage for improper official procedure
    • Exclusion of assignment of rights to mayors and council members
    • Coverage for property relations between municipalities and their organizations
    • Cross-liability insurance
    • Coverage for municipalities as public service organizer in line with the Material Need Assistance Act.

You might also like to know

  • Insurance coverage for damage to real estate and movable assets includes:
    • Risk of natural disaster and theft
      • Usually arranged as replacement cost value – we cover the cost of repair or repurchase of the damaged, destroyed or stolen
      • Municipal property insured against damage caused by fire, lightning  and airplane crash and explosion
      • The insurance can be  extended to cover  floods, deluge, windstorm, hail, landslides, rock/land collapse, avalanche, falling trees, posts, and other objects, earthquakes, weight of snow and ice, water leaking from water mains, theft, burglary, and intentional damage
      • Property insurance comprises insurance of movables and insurance of buildings
        • Insurance of movables covers machinery, equipment, fixtures, valuables, cash in any convertible currency, third-party property rightly used, accepted third-party property, repair cost of damaged or destroyed construction components, transported money and valuables
        • insurance of buildings particularly covers buildings and other constructions, shop windows and doors, marquees, neon tubes, light advertising, and works of art
    • Insurance of electronics
      • Particularly intended for data processing electronic equipment, electronic devices and communication technology, broadcasting and TV equipment, measuring, regulation, and control technology, and other – e.g. insurance of a city/municipal PA system, internet network infrastructure, antenna systems, CCTV systems, etc.
      • Insurance covers the natural disaster risks, as well as internal failure risks due to, for example, construction defect, material defect, manufacturing defect, overvoltage, shortage, together with damage caused by unskilled labour, improper operation, or intentional damage
    • Machinery insurance
      • Covers the damage or destruction of machinery due to fire, explosion lightning strike, windstorm, avalanche, rock/land collapse, hail, deluge, flood, crash, collapse, and intentional damage
      • It also covers damage due to construction error, material defect, manufacturing defect, overpressure or suction of steam, gas or liquid, falling or intruding strange object, shortage or other electricity-related damage, failure of measuring, regulation, or security equipment, and improper operation, unskilfulness, recklessness or negligence
      • In addition to standard coverage, the insurance programme by Česká pojišťovna also offers optional insurable risks and indemnification limits based on individual needs, different deductibles for individual insurable risks, automatic supplementary insurance for newly purchased electronics within the electronics collection without prior notice to insurance company, insurance for municipal PA, internet network infrastructure, signage, pedestrian zone equipment, and other special requirements, risk of a vehicle collision, insurance of vandalism for known and unknown culprit, optional special insurance coverage based on clients’ needs, and optional coverage for grant objects – e.g. playgrounds, bicycle routes, revitalization, etc.
  • Third party liability
    • Public liability insurance for regions, cities or towns is compliant with Act. 128/2000 Coll., on Municipalities (Municipal System), and Act no. 129/2000 Coll., on Regions (Regional System)Insurance covers damage to health and property of third parties, damages caused by actions of municipal police force and parties performing publicly beneficial work or public service, liability insurance for municipalities as employers for damage to employees’ belongings, damage caused in executing public authority by a decision or incorrect procedure in terms of Act no. 82/1998 Coll., exclusion of assignment of rights to mayors (regional presidents, etc.) and council members, liability of municipality as owner or administrator of roads and real estate (including liability for condition of pavement), liability of municipality as social care provider, potential insurance coverage for other entities under the municipality policy (e.g. various operations , schools, etc.),, and cross-liability insuranceOptional extension is available to cover  financial damages, recourse of health insurance companies with regard to occupational accidents, improperly paid sickness benefits, and insurance of damage to used or accepted third-party property
  • Agricultural insurance
    • It provides coverage for damages to municipal and city forests (fire and windstorm), decorative trees, plants in greenhouses (also for vandalism), coverage for tree nurseries (also for damage by animals and frost), and coverage for pet animals

Intended for

Local government entities: regions, city councils, municipalities and their associations, corporations and organizations set up by local government.

Provided by

This insurance product is provided by Česká pojišťovna.