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What does MojePojištění majetku include

This insurance will help you in emergency situations such as fire, explosion, lightning, damage to water mains, water leaks, as well as theft and vandalism. You can insure both your property and household as well as liability in one insurance contract for Mojepojištění majetku.

Choose between two versions of MojePojištění majetku

Insurance versions
Insurance versions KLASIK KOMFORT
Basic insurance risks
Assistance services
Theft and vandalism
Electrical hazards
Flood, inundation – higher zones

additional insurance is available
covers risks
does not cover risks

What are the benefits of MojePojištění majetku for you?

  • A current insured value means no risk of underinsurance
  • Receive maximum protection for your property and equipment as well as against any damage caused by you or your family
  • You do not need to worry that you forget to insure some regular insurance risks and find it out only when no damage indemnification is made
  • You do not need to worry that you state lower value for some insurance risks than the actual value of the goods damaged is, and, thus, you will only receive a partial financial compensation

Main benefits of MojePojištění majetku

  • We do not use underinsurance; you only establish insurance once and then you do not need to worry about anything
  • Indemnification is always in new prices which means that indemnification is in the amount which enables you to buy the same or similar thing
  • Free additional assistance services as part of the property insurance
  • We will pay up to 12 instalments on your mortgage loan if the damage exceeds 20% of the value of the property insured
  • If damage requires complete reconstruction, we will cover rent costs of up to CZK 10,000 monthly during the period of reconstruction, but not exceeding 12 months

Main benefits of liability insurance

  • Civil liability insurance covers all members of the household, including pets
  • The liability of the owner and tenant of the property is automatically included in the policy
  • The policy is valid within the territory of the Czech Republic, Europe and other selected countries

Assistance services

  • Resolution of emergency situations in the home
  • Locksmith services, including in the event of loss of keys
  • Cost of living expenses while the home is uninhabitable
  • Payment of costs to return from vacation in the event of damage to the insured property

The main advantages of accident insurance

  • Simple and quick arrangement
Insured risk
Insured risk Adult Child
Death due to an accident CZK 100,000 (policy value) CZK 100,000 (policy value)
Permanent consequences of an accident CZK 100,000 (policy value) CZK 100,000 (policy value)
Hospital stay due to an accident CZK 100 (daily benefit) CZK 100 (daily benefit)

It can be agreed in these basic insured sums, or three or five times the amount.

You can insure

  • A person (i.e. one adult)
  • A couple (i.e. one main insured person and his/her partner)
  • Family (i.e. one main insured person, partner and unlimited number of dependent children)

Intended for

Individuals – both Czech and foreign nationals.


We offer MojePojištění majetku in cooperation with Komerční pojišťovna – a traditional and experienced insurer.

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