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    Travel Insurance covers any medical expenses during your travels and provides Assistance services.


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Individual travel insurance

  • Private individual insurance for trips abroad and in the Czech Republic
  • Many supplementary insurance programs (accident, damage liability, luggage, trip cancellation) available with the basic insurance coverage of necessary medical expenses abroad (including medication or client’s transport)
  • Insurance also includes extensive assistance services available 24/7 in Czech language – anywhere in the world
  • Three different insurance programs available based on the trip type: tourist, business, and sports
  • 3 insurance programs are available for each trip, depending on its duration: a) up to 90 days, b) 91 to 180 days, c) 181 to 366 days
  • Insurance coverage for recurring trips during a year also available, in the form of: a) business transferable coverage for 1 person, b) business non-transferable coverage for 1 person, c) coverage for 2 people
  • 2 insurance limit classes available: class A with limit of CZK 3,000,000 and class B with limit of CZK 5,000,000
  • Insurance premium amount is determined by trip type, limit class, as well as your destination – more beneficial price terms for Europe (including Mediterranean Sea islands, Canary Islands, Israel, Cyprus, Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey) than for the rest of the world

Available optional supplementary insurance programs

Accident insurance

  • It covers accidents during travel and stays in the Czech Republic/abroad

Click the table with insurance benefits and daily insurance premium rates.

Insurance payment limits (in CZK) in case of additional accident insurance

In the event of an accident, the insurance payment will be provided according to the chosen limit class and age of the insured party.

Age of the insured party Limit class A Limit class B
up to the age of 17 from the age of 18 up to the age of 17 from the age of 18
Permanent effects of the accident 100,000 200,000 200,000 400,000
Death as a result of the accident 20,000 100,000 40,000 200,000
Injury as a result of the accident 20,000 20,000 40,000 40,000
Insurance premiums

The daily insurance premium rate depends on the type of trip, age of the insured party and chosen limit class.

Limit class Age Tourist Business Sport
A 0–17 3 6 6
18–69 5 10 10
70 or more 5 - -
B 0–17 6 12 12
18–69 10 20 20
70 or more 10 - -

Supplementary liability for damage insurance

  • It covers any damage that might be unintentionally caused by the insured person to third parties, both to health and property

Insurance benefits limits

  • Damage to health: CZK 3,000,000
  • Property damage: CZK 1,000,000
  • Financial damage: CZK 500,000

Consult the table with daily insurance premium rates.

Insurance premiums for additional liability insurance
Age / Region Tourist Business Sport
E, T S E, T S E, T S
0–17 2 3 2 3 2 3
18–69 3 4 5 6 5 6
70 or more 4 5 - - - -
0–17 (travelling alone) 3 4 5 6 5 6

Supplementary luggage insurance

  • It covers damage incurred due to lost or stolen luggage – during your travel or stay

Insurance benefits limits

  • Per one insurance event (claim): CZK 15,000
  • Per one insured item: CZK 10,000
  • Insured’s deductible always CZK 500

Consult the table with daily insurance premium rates.

Insurance premiums for additional insurance for luggage

The daily insurance premium rate depends on the type of trip and age of the insured party.

Age Tourist Business Sport
0–17 3 3 3
18–69 5 8 8
70 or more 5 - -
0–17 (travelling alone) 5 8 8

Supplementary trip cancellation insurance

  • In case an organized trip does not take place due to serious reasons (e.g. illness)
  • Refund of 80% of cancelation fees the insured had to pay
  • Insurance premium amounts to 2.5% of the total trip price
  • Limit of insurance benefits per person – CZK 12,500 for “Europe”
  • Limit of insurance benefits per person – CZK 25,000 for “World”

Travel insurance for KB cards

  1. Travel insurance to Viva credit card – more information here
  2. Premium travel insurance to Gold card – more information here
  3. Travel insurance Easy to payment cards
  • The card holder is insured and all his dependent children under the age of 21 years
  • Children are insured when they travel together with the card holder

An overview of insurance dangers, insurance coverage limits, insurance sums and related assistance services

(in CZK) Holder Child
Insurance for an acute medical condition
Medical expenses in case of an acute medical condition 1,500,000 1,500,000
Medical transport and repatriation 1,500,000 1,500,000
Transport of a deceased person 100,000 100,000
Insurance of damage liability
Insurance of damage liability to health 1,000,000 1,000,000
Insurance of damage liability to property 500,000 500,000

What is included in the assistance service

  • Available nonstop – at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year
  • Communication in Czech
  • Extensive worldwide branch network
  • Assistance provider shall:
    • Recommend suitable medical facility or organizes a doctor’s visit with the insured person, as appropriate
    • Handle insured person’s transport to a hospital
    • In case of hospitalization, assumes any liability for payment of associated charges
    • Stay in touch with the insured person and insured person’s dependents (e.g. children)
    • Medical team of the Assistance provider shall be in touch with physicians providing medical care to the insured person
    • If necessary, organize transport from abroad to a Czech hospital, including medical escort
    • Deliver medication or medical supplies that are not available in the given location
    • In case of death, handle transport of remains back home

Specific conditions

You must be over the age of 15 to get insurance coverage for yourself. To insure others, you must be over the age of 18.


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