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    Your solid point in the world of subsidies

    • comprehensive information about suitable subsidy resources
    • made-to-measure financing all in one place with the Ponte II credit program
    • extensive team of internal and external professionals in all regions of Czech Republic


We will help you find a way to European grants.


Soft loans with support from European financial institutions.

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Electronic magazine in the area of EU grants.


Let us know your plan and we will help you get a grant.

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Why KB EU Point?

Comprehensive consulting services

Financing of projects with grants from EU structural funds and other sources, overview of soft loan programmes offered by KB.

Information - current and comprehensible

Information about financial support from grant programmes of the EU in combination with individual funding solution.

Team of experts

Operating in all regions of the Czech Republic and providing professional assistance for all stages of the project cycle.

Completed projects

What the subsidized loan was used for in real life?

Important information

Grant overview

Search for available grant programmes for your projects.


Professional assistance during project preparation and comprehensive processing of grant application (EU funds, investment incentives) in KB or in cooperation with the bank’s specialized partners, as appropriate.

Grant management

Know-how sharing and professional assistance of the bank’s consulting team or partners in the course of the project implementation and utilization of grants.


Tailor-made to all stages of your projects (loan assurance, grant pre-financing, project co-financing).

How to get information?

  • call the free Info line on 800 900 930
  • contact a relationship manger at any branch of KB