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Effective from November 2, 2020, the opening hours for clients have been unified at all our branches (including branches at shopping centers) until further notice.

Monday 9:00 - 12:00 13:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 9:00 - 12:00  
Wednesday 9:00 - 12:00 13:00 - 17:00
Thursday 9:00 - 12:00  
Friday 9:00 - 12:00 13:00 - 15:00

All the branches listed above feature protective acrylic glass dividers to maximize your safety as well as the safety of our employees.

We have optimized the number of branches that offer cash desk services, as a necessary precaution allowing us to share capacities and ensure operation of these important venues even if the current situation continues for an extended period of time. At the same time, we kindly ask you to verify the current situation at our website (Branches and ATMs) before visiting a specific branch.

If you wish to make a cash deposit, you can take advantage of our deposit ATMs. We currently operate the highest number of these ATMs in the Czech Republic – 427 in total, including 4 drive-up ATMs that allow cash withdrawals and deposits from the comfort of your vehicle.

Overview of all KB ATMs

We urge you, once again, to carefully consider (in line with applicable Government regulations) if you really need to visit one of our branches in person and only do so to handle urgent official matters. Moreover, we also ask you to verify the current situation at our website (Branches and ATMs) before visiting a specific branch. We are also able to provide most of our services remotely or via our Contact Centre at 800 521 521.

At the same time, we would like to ask you not to enter any branch premises if you are currently quarantined – in order to eliminate potential risks. Furthermore, we kindly ask that only clients requesting services enter our branches, with anyone accompanying them waiting outside (where possible). While inside, please keep the specified safe distance of at least 2 metres.

You can currently use all of our 241 branches (information as of December 10, 2020). However, our ATMs, including deposit ATMs, are available nonstop.

You can handle many issues online, without the need to visit one of our branches. We urge you to currently visit our branches only in case of urgent matters. Prior to your visit, please make sure that the branch of your choice is open without any restrictions.

For information about available cash desk services, use the “With cash register” filter in the branch search tool bar. For your convenience, this information is updated every hour.

We understand that the current situation may result in a loss of income for many individuals and businesses. For detailed information, use the following links:

Dear clients,

In case of a card payment claim in a situation when you ordered certain goods and/or services that have not been delivered or provided due to the current pandemic, we kindly ask you to first contact the business (merchant) that was supposed to deliver such goods or provide such services. You can reach a mutual agreement with them or even extend the deadline for delivery. In order to lodge a claim, the applicable rules of card associations require that we also submit a confirmation of the relevant business stating that the goods and/or services will not be delivered/provided or rescheduled. If the business does not respond to your queries, we kindly ask you to send the relevant communication to us corroborating such lack of communication (e.g. an email sent by you).

If, after declaring bankruptcy, the relevant business asks you to join insolvency proceedings that have been/are to be initiated, it is necessary that you undergo the associated procedure. A claim by Komerční banka may only be initiated after an insolvency administrator notifies you in writing that your claim will not be indemnified in the course of the insolvency proceedings.

You can subsequently lodge your claim, together with any and all supporting documents requested, via Internet or mobile banking or at a KB branch.

Thank you.

Given the current situation (as a result of the pandemic), it is complicated to travel abroad and thus fully benefit from the travel insurance available with KB Gold, Platinum, and Infinite cards. Consequently, we have decided to extend – until 31 December 2020 – coverage of certain risks to the territory of the Czech Republic as well. Clients may thus use the following insurance covers in connection with their domestic vacations:

  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Third party liability insurance
  • Accident insurance

Moreover, we have also added three new risks that are now covered during vacations in the Czech Republic.

  • Accident insurance for the event of damage resulting from injury – In case you suffer a severe injury during your domestic vacation – such as a bone fracture, ligament or tendon rupture/tear, knee dislocation, etc. - we will make “pain and suffering” payments to you. The specific amount of these payments will depend on the actual severity of your injury. This insurance does not apply to minor injuries, such as scratches, contusions, sprains, etc.
  • Unused vacation insurance – In case you are forced to cut your domestic vacation short for compelling reasons, such as hospitalisation, death of a next of kin or damage to your property caused by a natural disaster (exceeding CZK 200,000), you will receive a compensation in the amount of CZK 500 per each unused vacation day and up to the maximum limit of CZK 5,000.
  • Luggage insurance – We will insure your luggage during a domestic vacation against damage, destruction or loss, e.g. due to a traffic accident or natural disaster. This insurance also covers stolen luggage as a result of theft or robbery.

All these benefits apply to situations when you have ordered accommodation or are already staying in an accommodation establishment.

We kindly ask you to review the relevant pre-contractual information and insurance terms and conditions relating to domestic travel insurance (Czech Version Only) that include the necessary details and terms and conditions. In the event you are not interested in this temporary extension, please contact your relationship manager.

If you can, stay at home. You can address a number of request yourself and absolutely online. Click the relevant category and see all the things you can resolve without visiting our branches.

KB Klíč is a smartphone app that allows you to sign in to the internet banking MojeBanka, MojeBanka Business, eTrading, and the MůjProfil portal in a convenient and secure manner.

KB Klíč replaces the previously used certificates. If you have been using a certificate, you can get KB Klíč online using the Můj Profil portal. If you do not have a certificate, you can apply for KB Klíč at a branch. For more information about the configuration and use of the app, visit the KB Klíč website.

You can easily configure the Mobilní banka app using instructions on our website. We have a manual for iOS as well as Android.

We no longer issue personal filed-based certificates and it is not possible to renew these certificates (as of 17 April 2019). As long as your current certificate remains valid, you can arrange a new login method online – either KB Klíč or Security Password. Moreover, you can arrange both login methods at our branches.