• Bond issuance

    A medium to long-term corporate financing instrument.


Finance the development of your company or self-governing entities.


Refinance your existing financial liabilities.


Let us help you optimize your cash flows.


Individual client service is offered to all issuers.

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Think ahead

We will help you diversify investor base.

Simply ask

We offer comprehensive advisory services.

Be seen

We will take on most of the marketing responsibilities for the issue placement.

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About Bond issuance

  • Standard form of medium to long-term financing for companies, banks, municipalities or governments via the debt capital market
  • Finance development of a company or self-governing entity, refinance existing financial liabilities and access funding from alternative resources
  • KB will provide services relating to issuance of municipal, corporate, and government bonds in the total nominal value exceeding billions of CZK
  • We offer comprehensive customer service to our issuers’ clients
  • We will structure the transaction for you to ensure best fit with your cash flow profile
  • KB takes over most of the marketing responsibilities for the placement of the issued securities

You might also like to know

  • Our services includes:
    • Consulting during preliminary stages of issuance process
    • Comprehensive preparation of securities issue (only in selected cases)
    • Selectively we can guarantee subscription of the whole issue (only in selected cases)
    • Placement of newly issued securities in capital markets
    • Services associated with managing interest payments and bond redemption
    • Listing of securities on Prague Stock Exchange
  • Investor base diversification:
    • Prospective issuers address large investor base
    • This significantly increases the amount of capital requested
  • Repeated entry to the capital market:
    • Successful issuance of bonds will serve as a benchmark for future capital market issues

Intended for

Medium-sized and large businesses, location self-governments and administrations, public administration and government.


Financing of business growth or refinancing of existing liabilities.