• American Mortgage

    General purpose loan secured with real estate that offers better terms compared to other consumer loans.

Anything – For any purpose

Get funds for anything that does not relate to business activities.

Up to CZK 10,000,000

Draw from CZK 200,000 to 10,000,000.

Lower interest rate

Save on instalments.

Longer term

Spread out your instalments – for instance to 20 years.


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Our advisors will be happy to assist you with complicated cases.

Any purpose

We'll grant you a loan for anything you need. For example, for larger investment in housing or consolidation of your loans.

No need to hurry

You have 24 months from the signature of the respective contract to utilize your loan.

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What is an American Mortgage

  • a loan for anything – it can be used for any non-business purpose or for the consolidation of other loans and mortgages
  • it is secured with a real estate
  • the loan can reach up to 70% of the usual price of the real estate
  • it can be provided for an amount of at least CZK 200,000 and at most CZK 10,000,000
  • up to 24-month utilization period
  • with a maximum loan term of 20 years
  • money is transferred directly to the client's current account (or to consolidated debt accounts)
  • repayment is carried out exclusively from a current account at KB

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  • the bank does not check the purpose of the loan – it can be used for anything you like, for instance as an investment into your own home or for the consolidation of loans
  • you have the opportunity to get a higher amount
  • you can spread out your repayment of the loan to best suit your needs
  • you can make repayments on the day which best fits your needs (for instance right after your payday)
  • you'll get lower interest rates and longer loan term, and you can lower the sum of your monthly instalments to suit your needs


Loan amount CZK 1,200,000, maturity 20 years, fixed interest rate 4.49% p.a., fixation 5 years, APRC 4.65%, total repayable sum CZK 1,824,516.99. 1st interest repayment CZK 1,047.67, 2nd - 239th annuity repayment CZK 7,605, 240th annuity repayment CZK 7,579.32. One-time fees for: loan processing CZK 2,900, real estate appraisal CZK 1,000, application for entry into the land register CZK 1,000, request for deletion from the land register CZK 1,000. Monthly fees for: loan administration CZK 0, MůjÚčet current account CZK 0, electronic statements CZK 0. The example assumes a utilization date of 8 November 2017 and repayments paid always on the 15th day of the month. Security – right of lien for the real estate, including real estate insurance.

Loan purpose

The bank does not examine loan purpose. However, it is intended solely for personal (i.e. non-business) purposes.


It is suitable for larger investments in housing or consolidation of personal loans.

Intended for

Czech citizens, foreign nationals with permanent residence and EU citizens with temporary / permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic.


Get two identity documents ready – such as your ID card and passport.

Proof of income

You will also need a confirmation of income or last tax return, including confirmation of tax payment.

Personal Loan

Get a quick personal loan within 30 minutes and draw up to CZK 2,500,000 without security.


Optimal Loan

Consolidate your loans and you'll save several thousand crowns per month while being able to spend time on the things you actually like.


Payment Protection Insurance

Term life insurance that provides protection to you and your loved ones in the event of sudden adverse events.



Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.