• Acquisition financing

    Obtain funding for your acquisition plans.


Grow your business through acquisition of companies.

With KB, a.s.

Rely on our extensive expertise.


Take advantage of the opportunity to expand and stabilize your business.


We will tailor the loan terms and conditions to your needs.

Why KB?

Purchase shares

We can also arrange share purchases on stock exchange.

Your choice

This loan is available both in CZK or foreign currency.

Grow further

We will help you expand and stabilize your business.

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About Acquisition financing

  • The loan can be used to purchase both a majority stake (share deal) or selected assets (asset deal)
  • We offer medium or long-term loan with amortization schedule or balloon repayment. Other facilities are available to cover additional requirements related to the acquisition.
  • Multicurrency facilities are available in the following currencies – CZK, EUR, USD, and CHF
  • We will transfer the funds directly to a seller’s account. Alternatively we will purchase shares on the stock exchange on your behalf.
  • Available with fixed or floating interest rate

Important information for you

  • Loan requirements:
    • Both your company and the acquisition target must have strong cash flow
    • The stake in the acquired business or the assets acquired will serve as collateral. The other collateral can be also eligible in case that the requirements of Czech law are met.

Intended for

Entrepreneurs, corporates, other companies.