• Car Loan

    A business loan for quickly and easily financing a pre-selected vehicle – for enterprises and entrepreneurs.

No waiting

Save time and get your loan quickly and easily.

No fees

No unnecessary loan processing and maintenance fees.

Safe and secure

Buy third party liability insurance / accident insurance with your loan.


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Why KB?

No proof of income

Most KB clients do not have to present their tax returns.

No commitments

Get a loan even without a KB current account.

No limits

Simply select your vehicle – we will finance any amount you need.

How to get this product?

Have you found a new company vehicle and want the best financing? Just complete the following form and we will contact you straight away to set up a personal meeting.

At our branch

You can also contact your relationship manager or call our toll-free KB Info Line at 800 521 521.

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About our Car Loan

  • A loan for purchasing your chosen passenger or small commercial vehicle
  • Vehicle purchases financed by ESSOX s.r.o., a KB subsidiary
  • 0% deposit loans available
  • Maximum loan period:
    • 84 months (new vehicles or used vehicles up to 5 years)
    • 72 months (used vehicles between 5 and 6 years)
  • Maximum loan – absolutely unlimited
  • Third party liability / accident insurance available with your loan
  • Loan secured by a security contract on the vehicle
  • On request, we will compare our quote with those from the competition

You might also like to know

  • The purchased vehicle must be:
    • No more than 3.5 t
    • A new or used vehicle (no more than 6 years)
  • Loan period:
    • Short, medium or long-term
  • A loan for the vehicle’s purchase price (incl. VAT) less any down payment the client pays the car dealer
  • The finances are transferred to the dealer’s account immediately after the contractual documents are signed and delivered to ESSOX s.r.o.
  • The loan is repaid by regular annuity payments
  • Optional premium payments for third party liability / accident insurance purchased with the loan are included in the loan instalments

Intended for

Entrepreneurs and corporate clients.

Vehicle requirements

Maximum weight 3.5 t and no more than 6 years old.


Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.