• Commercial Real Estate Lending/Property Finance

    Financing of logistics, office, or residential facilities intended for lease or sale.


Achieve your goals with our tailor-made funding solution.


Your customers will benefit from our comprehensive services such as accelerated mortgage loan approvals.

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You can finance new projects or refinance existing loans.


Our specialists can help you design the most appropriate financing structure.

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We will set up a special segregated current account to manage the project funds.

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We will help you carry out large development projects.

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About Development Financing

  • Financing of commercial and residential projects
  • Also available for refinancing of existing loans for commercial or residential real estate generating rental income
  • The loan are secured by the financed asset
  • Characteristics of development projects:
    • Development projects include construction, renovation, modernization or acquisition of real estate for the purpose of its resale or lease
  • Classification of development projects by use:
    • Commercial
      • Logistics, warehouse or multifunctional premises
      • Business and retail complexes
      • Office buildings
    • Residential
      • Residential buildings/complexes
      • Family houses
      • Other multifunctional premises with predominant residential space

You might also like to know

  • Select mortgage or investment loans that will allow you to finance large investment projects
  • The commercial mortgage can be combined with retail mortgage loans we will provide to your customers
  • We will set up a special segregated current account  to monitor your revenue and expenditure associated solely with the development project. This  arrangement serves as a guarantee for the buyers.
  • Alternatively we also offer guarantees for buyers

Important information for you

  • For the purpose of financing, you must present a loan application and the following up to date documents:
    • Business plan
    • Cash-flow plan
    • Project’s business rationale
    • Financial statements and property documentation
    • Templates of agreements on future contract of purchase/lease agreement

Intended for

All kinds or commercial real estate projects.


Construction and renovation of real estate intended for sale or lease.


Also available for refinancing of existing loans.