• FleetLease

    An attractive product intended for funding and operating a company fleet.

As needed

Select one of our four fleet lease options available.

Without worry

Leave the fleet management to the leasing company.


Use your monthly lease payments to reduce the tax payments – they are fully tax-deductible.


Save not only money, but also valuable employee time.

Why KB?


We will help you select the most suitable option.

Just relax

We will handle the fleet management for you.

Enjoy benefits

Take advantage of attractive car prices and many other benefits.

How to get this product?

Select a branch, leave your contact information – we will call you back.

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About FleetLease

  • Solution for company fleet management and funding is now available for individuals
  • Modern form of off balance sheet financing
  • FleetLease makes it possible to acquire new vehicles or whole fleet without upfront cash payment
  • All fleet-related issues are handled by the leasing company
  • Select one of four lease options – operating lease, full-service lease, financial lease, and sale and leaseback
  • Monthly payments are tax deductible and management of company cash flow is easier with fixed monthly payments
  • Attractive car prices as well as services associated with their operation are available
  • One global solution for companies with international presence
  • Free access to Fleet Monitor and ALD SmartCar internet applications

You might also like to know

  • Operating lease:
    • With operating lease, you will use the vehicles for a period agreed in your contract
    • You will bear no risks associated with car ownership
    • You will only pay equivalent of depreciation charge corresponding to the lease term and mileage covered, not the full vehicle price
    • Fixed monthly payments with zero down payment represent the difference between the purchase price and the net book value
    • Payments include registration and other statutory fees and insurance
    • The fleet vehicle prices are lower thanks to our volume discounts
    • Select any vehicle of your choice any make, any model you prefer
  • Full-service lease:
    • Is our most comprehensive product with the leasing company handling all issues relating to vehicle operation
    • It is an operating lease with the following services included::
      • Vehicle servicing (maintenance and repairs by vendor authorized repair shops)
      • Tyres (purchase and replacement of summer and winter tyres)
      • Fuel cards (cashless fuelling with EuroShell, Benzina Card, OMV, CCS, and UTA/CCS cards)
      • Insurance (accident insurance, third-party liability insurance, supplementary insurance)
      • Assistance service (nonstop roadside assistance)
      • Replacement vehicle (100% mobility guarantee)
      • Reporting (online reporting with Fleet Monitor)
      • Vignette, road tax, and vehicle registration
    • Prices of vehicles and individual services reflect wholesale discounts
    • Select one of two billing methods that guarantee cost-effective operation of your fleet and continuous renewal:
      • Open billing: actually incurred and approved costs are regularly invoiced
      • Closed billing: fixed monthly payments that include all charges – this product has been rated as the best lease product for corporate clients (Gold Crown and Fleet Awards)
  • Financial lease:
    • Take advantage of significant tax benefits
    • Optimize your company’s cash flows
      • You become vehicle owner after lease term expires
      • Zero down payment options available for clients with good credit profile
      • For extensive fleets, flexible lease offers variable repayment terms and seasonal repayment options
      • Financial lease available for all passenger and small commercial vehicles (weight of up to 3.5 t)
      • Fleet management available as an option to financial lease
  • Sale and Leaseback:
    • We will purchase your vehicles from you at market prices and thus improve your company cash flow
    • Purchased vehicles are then leased back to you in the form of a full-service lease with open billing method
  • Fleet management:
    • Is available not only for vehicles acquired under the financial lease agreements but also for vehicles owned by you/your company
    • Leasing company handles all issues associated with fleet operation
    • Individual services are customized to suit your budget and needs

Intended for

Companies, sole traders, government institutions, as well as individuals.


This product is provided by the leasing company ALD Automotive s.r.o., member of the Société Générale Group.