• Lease Finance

    Lease finance is suitable for business assets worth CZK 1 million or more. The option to purchase leased assets at the end of lease term is available.

As needed

Select finance or operating lease – in line with needs of your business.

Tax benefits

Reduce your tax base – lease payments represent operating costs.


Cover lease payments from the revenues your asset earns.

Clever management

Match your expenses and revenue.

Why KB?

Support your business development

Maintain high liquidity of your business.


We will help you select the lease type that suits you best.

We will adapt

You can make both regular and irregular lease payments.

How to get this product?

Select a branch, leave your contact information – we will call you back.

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About Lease Finance

  • You can expand your business and preserve liquidity at the same time
  • Leased object is purchased by KB and leased to lessee
  • You can fund lease payments from revenues generated by the leased asset in the form of regular or irregular lease payments
  • Your lease payments are tax deductible
  • Choice of both  finance and operating lease
  • Fixed and variable interest rates available
  • Variable interest rates linked to reference rate (PRIBOR) that reflects the market interest rates
  • Flexible repayment schedule
  • Repayment term will match useful economic life of the asset or it can be tailored to your needs
  • Agree on a prepayment that may be used as advance payment for future lease payments or as an extraordinary lease payment
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  • This product is provided by SG Equipment Finance Czech Republic s.r.o., member of Société Générale Group
  • Finance lease:
    • Long-term lease with subsequent purchase of leased assets
    • Minimum lease term depends on useful economic life of the asset as set in Czech corporate income tax law
      • First depreciation group – minimum depreciation term of 36 months
      • Second depreciation group – minimum period of 54 months for finance lease (statutory depreciation term is 60 months)
      • Third depreciation group – minimum period of 114 months for finance lease
      • (statutory depreciation term is 120 months)
    • Purchase price as of the finance lease agreement expiration cannot exceed the net book value calculated using straight-line depreciation method
    • The asset will be fully depreciated to achieve the highest tax savings
    • Minimum (e.g. 1% of asset purchase price)  sales price is determined to ensure it is not necessary to activate assets following transfer of ownership at the end of the lease
    • Tax avoidance
    • Supports creation of  so called “latent” reserves of the lessee’s fixed assets
  • Operating lease:
    • Long-term contractual relationship
    • Lessee uses the lease object for a fixed term in return for regular lease payments
    • As of the lease termination date, the lessee may return the given assets to the lease company or use an option to buy it at a predefined sales price
    • Lessees may constantly renew its their productive resources without having to buy the equipment
    • Only for financially sound companies
    • We work with suppliers who guarantee repurchase of leased assets after they are returned by lessee
    • You need to consult operating lease arrangements with your relationship manager or lease specialist on a case by case basis

Intended for

Business clients, who wish to purchase assets worth more than CZK 1 million.