• Loan for CF Fluctuations

    A loan for business-related needs – particularly cash flow fluctuations – that may be drawdown directly to your current account.


Use your loan in line with your business needs.


Select an interest rate to suit your needs.

Improve CF

Refinance your business to improve CF and working capital.


Optimize your debt service.

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Available as a short or medium-term loan.

Individual repayment schedule

Set up your loan principal repayments to fit your cash flow.

Grow business

We will help and assist you with your business development.

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About Loan for Cash Flow Fluctuations in CZK

  • Special-purpose business loan aimed at financing needs arisen from cash flow fluctuations; it is used in situations, when OP operating funding is not utilized
  • Loan available for variety of purposes – such as security deposits during tenders, refinance your equity etc.
  • It is available with a fixed and floating interest rate
  • Repayment schedule may be set up in line with your needs

You might also like to know

  • Available as a short-term loan, exceptionally also as a medium-term loan

Important information for you

  • You need to pass our credit assessment procedure in order to qualify for the loan

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