• Loan for Fixed Asset Investments

    A special-purpose loan aimed at acquiring tangible and intangible business assets under a single loan agreement.


Draw your loan in line with your business requirements.


Take advantage from the possibility to take out one loan in several currencies.

Major projects

Carry out financially demanding investment projects.


Select an interest rate to suit your needs.

Why KB?

Simply choose

Available as a short, medium or long-term loan.

Individual repayment schedule

Set up your principal payments to fit with your cash flow.

Expand your business

We will help you grow your business.

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About the Loan for Fixed Asset Investments in CZK and Foreign Currency

  • Special-purpose business loan aimed at funding investment projects
  • It may be granted up to the purchase price of acquired fixed assets
  • This loan may be drawn either gradually or at once
  • Select either fixed or float interest rate for your loan
  • Available in CZK or selected foreign currencies or combination of different currencies, as appropriate
  • Loan principal payments may be scheduled to fit the cash flow

You might also like to know

  • Loan purpose:
    • Acquisition of tangible and intangible fixed assets – such as buildings, including projects, machinery and equipment and combination of several kinds of assets

Important information for you

  • In order to qualify for the fixed assets loan, you must demonstrate financial soundness of your company and ability to repay the loan

Intended for

Entrepreneurs, corporates, other companies.