• Mortgage Loan in CZK or Foreign Currency

    Special-purpose loan for businesses secured by real estate.


Spread your payments over a longer period of time.


Benefit from available state financial support.


Consolidate any previously granted loans.


Use the financed real estate as security.

Why KB?

Your choice

Your loan may be granted in CZK USD, EUR, and CHF.


Finance any real estate anywhere in the Czech Republic or the EU.

Repay gradually

Loan may be spread out over a longer period of time – in line with your needs.

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About Mortgage Loan in CZK or Foreign Currency

  • Medium or long-term loan for real estate investments
  • Benefit from state financial support for residential housing and modernization of residential buildings
  • Loan may be used as follows:
    • Specific purpose only – the bank verifies the actual purpose of the loan on the basis of presented documents (invoices, contract of purchase, construction/reconstruction progress reports, etc.)
    • Usually cashless payment or by cheque (exceptional cases)
    • One-off drawdown – within 6 months from the loan agreement signing date
    • Gradual drawdown – in the course of 24 months from the loan agreement signing date (or 48 months in case of state support)
    • Available loan currencies – CZK, USD, EUR, CHF
    • Fixed interest rate for the term of interest rate validity – 1 to 10 years
  • Loan repayment:
    • After full drawdown
    • Monthly or quarterly – in the form of constant payments that include interest and loan principal payment – i.e. monthly or quarterly annuity
    • Repayment of loan principal separately from interest payments – monthly or quarterly

You might also like to know

  • Financed property (loan object) and security instrument are usually identical
  • Real estate must be located:
    • Within the Czech Republic
    • In any Member State of the European Union or another country of the European Economic Area
  • Mortgage loans will allow you to:
    • Purchase real estate (ownership)
    • Purchase joint share in real estate
    • Reconstruct, modernize or repair real estate
    • Construct real estate or extensions
    • Settle joint property/inheritance claims relating to real estate
    • Increase value of land
    • Consolidate previously provided loans used for real estate investments

Intended for

Entrepreneurs, enterprises, cities, municipalities and their clusters, regions, and their organizations.


This loan is mainly intended for real estate investments.


Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.