• Multicurrency Loan for Municipalities

    A loan in CZK or foreign currency intended for acquisition of fixed assets or covering mismatch between revenue and expenditure.


Fund your development projects.


Address any delays between budget revenue and expenditure.

As needed

The loan will be structured according to your needs.


Finance large investment projects.

Why KB?


We will help you with fixed assets acquisition and renewal.


We will resolve your temporary budget fluctuations.

Simply ask

We will be happy to answer any questions at our KB Info line.

How to get this product?

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Intended for

Local government entities: regions, city councils, municipalities and their associations, corporations and organizations set up by local government.

About Municipal Loan in CZK and Foreign Currency

  • Loan in CZK or foreign currencies intended solely for local government entities and corporations and organizations they set up
  • We usually pay contractors or suppliers directly on the basis of presented documents
  • The loan makes it possible to fund large projects aimed at municipal development and to cover any mismatches in budget revenue and expenditure
  • Finance acquisition and repairs of fixed tangible and intangible assets, including projects implemented with grant support
  • Loan is available in CZK, USD, EUR, and CHF
  • Foreign currency loans are intended for clients who have income in the relevant currency and can thus  hedge the currency risk – e.g. via foreign currency direct debit to a KB account

You might also like to know

  • Loan may be divided into two parts:
    • Cover of mismatch between budget revenue and expenditure
      • Funds are usually transferred to a current account
      • The loan amount is determined by expected timing and size of the mismatch
    • Funding of purchases of fixed assets
      • Based on actual costs
  • Loan maturity
    • Short-term
    • Medium-term
    • Long-term
  • Interest rate
    • Fixed
    • Variable
  • Loan drawdown and repayment
    • One-off or gradual on agreed dates
    • In instalments