• Profi Lease Financing

    Business lease financing for the purchase of machinery, technology or equipment with option to buy.


Get new equipment without excessive initial costs.


Save on taxes – lease payments are tax-deductible.


Purchase insurance with extensive coverage under special terms.


Purchase the leased assets after full repayment at reasonable price.

Why KB?

Optimize cash flows

Start payments after you accept the leased assets (and start making money).

Get insurance

Optional services also include insurance under special terms.

Fixed payments

We guarantee fixed payments throughout the lease agreement.

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About Profi Lease Financing

  • Financing of investments associated with acquisition of new and used machinery and equipment or their entire systems, intended for business activities
  • Financial lease with an option to buy:
    • Long-term lease with option to buy the leased assets following standard lease agreement termination
    • Leased assets are owned by a lease company that purchases the assets and provides them for client’s use for regular lease payments
  • Finance assets in the amount of CZK 350 thousand to 3 million excl. VAT
  • Lease agreement term of 36 to 60 months – based on the client’s needs and depreciation group classification for leased assets
  • Fixed payment throughout the lease term
  • After agreement termination and due repayment, it is possible to purchase the leased assets for depreciated price excl. VAT

You might also like to know

  • Lease financing is neutral in terms of balance sheet impact and does not put a strain on your books
  • Lease payments are tax-deductible, not an investment cost
  • Start payments after you accept the leased assets – payments are covered by revenue generated from the use of the leased assets
  • Benefit from optional services – such as insurance with extensive insurance coverage under special terms

Important information for you

  • With your Profi Lease Financing application, you will also need:
    • Documents authorising business activities
    • Financial statements – depending on accounting form:
      • Applicants with standard accounting
        • Income tax return for previous fiscal period
        • Financial statements – i.e. balance sheet, profit and loss statement, notes to financial statements, cash flow statement, and auditor’s report (if any) for previous fiscal period 
        • Current financial statements
      • Applicants with tax records
        • Copy of an income tax return (incl. annexes) pursuant to Act no. 280/2009 Coll., Tax Code, as amended, for the previous fiscal period
    • Specification of assets to be leased (contract of purchase, order or technical specification)

Intended for

Entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Lease purpose

It is possible to finance both new and used (under certain conditions) business-related machinery, equipment and technology.

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