• Ponte II Programme

    Comprehensive loan solution tailored to your project financed from EU funds and other sources.


Address funding in all stages of your project.


Benefit from customized solutions for business or public administration.


Present one file of documents to the bank and government institutions.


Enjoy comprehensive KB EU Point advisory services.

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Loan for both pre-financing or co-financing of your project is available.


Negotiate both loans under a single loan agreement.

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Our clients can also benefit from KB EU Point advisory services.

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About Ponte II Programme

  • The programme comprises various services aimed at financing projects supported from EU funds and other sources
  • Under the Programme, you may receive:
    • Loan commitment document
      • A document proving that you secured financing
      • Wording will be satisfactory to the grant provider
    • Grant pre-financing loan
      • It addresses the delay between the moment expenses are incurred and the moment a grant is received, because the grants are usually paid out retroactively after the eligible expenses have been paid
      • Short or medium–term loan repaid from received grants
    • Project co-financing loan
      • It is used to cover project costs not covered by a grant
      • Medium or long-term loan repaid from the client’s own funds

You might also like to know

  • Loan for grant pre-financing and project co–financing may be agreed in a single loan agreement
  • Basic information concerning a client’s Current Account for revenue and expenditure associated with the project implementation:
    • If required under your grant, project expenditure and revenue may be monitored on a separate bank account
    • Such account may be easily closed or used for another project after completing the current project

Intended for

Entrepreneurs and corporations – more information for businesses

Municipalities – more information for the public administration