• Refinancing loan

    Special loan for replacement of an existing non-banking loans, payment dividends or share on profit.

Take advantage

Free up cash for business.


Benefit from the possibility to take out one loan in several currencies.


Consolidate your debt as you need.


Select an interest rate to suit your needs.

Why KB?

Simply choose

Available as a short, medium or long-term loan.

Individual repayment schedule

Set up your principal payments to fit with your cash flow.

Refund your debts

We will help you to refund existing liabilities and debts.

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About the Refinancing loan

  • Special-purpose business loan aimed at funding non-banking debts, payment dividends or share on profits
  • This loan may be drawn either gradually or at once
  • Select either fixed or floating interest rate for your loan
  • Available in CZK or selected foreign currencies or combination of different currencies, as appropriate
  • Loan principal payments may be scheduled to fit the cash flow

You might also like to know

  • Loan intended for refinancing existing non-banking debt, payment of dividends and payment of share on profit

Important information for you

  • In order to qualify for refinancing loan, you must demonstrate financial soundness of your company and ability to repay the loan

Intended for

Entrepreneurs, corporates, other companies.