• Revolving Credit Facility in CZK or Foreign Currency

    Business loan that allows you to draw funds to your current account or make payments directly to your suppliers.


Draw down funds when you need them – all at once or in several tranches.

Peace of mind

Finance your ongoing business expenses and still have headroom going forward.

As needed

Cover cash flow shortfalls arising from mismatch funds received from customers and outgoing payments.


Plan for cyclical fluctuations in your operating cash flow.

Why KB?


We offer short-term or medium-term loans with or without fixed maturity.

Flexible repayments

You can easily repay the loan anytime with internet banking and use it again.

Take advantage of

We will help you set up the loan to suit your needs.

How to get this product?

Leave it all up to us. Leave your contact information – we will call you back.

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About Revolving Loan in CZK or Foreign Currency

  • Special-purpose business loan suitable for funding of working capital needs of your business
  • May be drawn and repaid many times over – this makes it very flexible
  • Floating interest rate
  • Available in CZK or selected foreign currencies
  • Loan principal repayments may be planned to suit your cash flow profile

You might also like to know

  • Loan term and purpose
    • Available as short or medium-term loan (up to 3 years) or without term specified (with notice period)
    • The funds may be paid out directly to a contractor’s account or to your current account
    • You will need to provide us with proof of loan purpose
    • You may terminate may the facility any time without stating a reason

Important information for you

  • In order to qualify for the loan, you must demonstrate the need to finance working capital

Intended for

Entrepreneurs, corporates, sole traders.