• Working capital loans in CZK or Foreign Currency

    Special-purpose business loan for financing outstanding receivables, inventory or operating costs.

Plan ahead

Obtain funding temporary fluctuations of company cash flows.


Be flexible to offer longer maturity to your costumers.


Draw funds only when you need them.


Select an interest rate to suit your needs.

Why KB?

Simply choose

Available as short or medium-term loan, in exceptional circumstances as long-term loan.

As needed

Set up your repayment schedule to fit in with your cash flow profile.

Grow business

Set up a repayment schedule so that you can grow your business.

How to get this product?

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About Working capital Loan in CZK or Foreign Currency

  • Working capital includes to outstanding short-term receivables and inventory
  • The funds that may be paid out directly to your contractors’ current account or to your current account
  • Draw your loan in installments or all at once
  • The loan available with fixed or floating interest rate
  • Available in CZK or selected foreign currencies
  • Loan principal payments may be spread out to fit in with future cash flow needs

You might also like to know

  • vailable as short, medium, or long-term loan

Important information for you

  • In order to qualify for the loan, you must demonstrate the need to finance working capital

Intended for

Entrepreneurs, corporates, sole traders.