• Bank Overdraft in CZK or foreign currency

    Business loan that allows you to overdraw your current account balance.


Create a financial reserve for any situation.


Benefit from everything your current account has to offer.


Finance your working capital needs.


Use the loan repeatedly without any administration.

Why KB?

Be prepared

We will help you finance your inventory as well as cash flow fluctuations.

Use and repay

The more you repay, the more you can use again.

Flexibility at great price

Combine flexibility with the same costs as for other forms of operating funding.

How to get this product?

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At a branch

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About Bank Overdraft for Definite and Indefinite Period in CZK or foreign currency

  • The overdraft is linked to your current account in Czech crowns or foreign currency and it allows you to overdraw your current account balance (“be in the red”) – up to a pre agreed limit
  • Bank overdraft may be negotiated for a set period of time (usually up to a year) or as agreement for indefinite period with notice (usually 1-2 months)
  • Use it to finance working capital needs of your business
  • Bank overdraft agreement also specifies the overdraft limit, interest rate and other specific terms and conditions based on your individual needs and your creditworthiness

You might also like to know

  • With your bank overdraft, you can repeatedly draw funds up to the agreed overdraft limit
    • Each payment to your account reduces the loan amount and gives you the opportunity to use your bank overdraft again, up to the agreed overdraft limit
  • Efficiently deal with your operating cash flow fluctuations
  • Payment transactions as with a current account
    • Same options as for other current accounts
    • Cash and cashless deposits and withdrawals
    • Reservation and blocking of account funds
    • Register of suspended payments
    • Chequebook available
    • Payment cards
    • HIS and optical key
    • Electronic data interchange
    • Standing orders and automatic transfers

Intended for

Corporates, companies and sole traders.

Other potential borrowers

Municipalities and their consortia, regions, semi-budgetary companies etc.