• Multicurrency Revolving Loan for Municipalities

    Revolving loan with variable interest rate designed for local government entities.


Draw your loan in multiple currencies instead of having separate loan agreements.

Peace of mind

Have cash reserves ready in case your revenue and expenditure do not match.

As needed

Draw down only the amount you currently need.


The more you repay, the more you can use again.

Why KB?

Flexible loan term

Short-term, medium-term and long-term loan is available – at your discretion.

Improve cash-flow

Improve your cash flows.

Simply ask

We will be happy to answer any questions at our KB Info line free of charge.

How to get this product?

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Intended for

Local government entities: regions, city councils, municipalities and their associations, corporations and organizations set up by local government.

About Multicurrency Revolving Loan for Municipalities

  • The loan is intended to cover recurring mismatches between revenue and expenditure in municipal budgets
  • Short-term, medium-term or long-term loan with variable interest rate is available
  • Loan amount is determined on the basis of the expected amount of revenue/expense mismatch and its duration
  • Loan may be drawn down in multiple currencies - CZK, USD, EUR and CHF – only  for clients who have income in the specific currency i.e. are able to hedge the associated foreign currency risk (e.g. foreign currency direct debit to a KB account)
  • Actual loan amount is based on your requirements:
    • Positive impact on cash flows
    • It will match expected budget revenue
  • Undrawn loan amount increases by any repayments made by the agreed deadline