• Factoring

    Operating financing through assignment of trade receivables.


Get up to 80% of the financed receivables without any delay.


Draw on the funds flexibly – in line with current amount of receivables.

Without worry

Benefit from receivable administration, collection, and recovery.


Plan and stabilize company cash flow.

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Communicate online via the eFactoring application.

Do not wait

We will provide you with immediate access to financial funds.


We will help you promote your business competitiveness.

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About Profi Factoring

  • Operating financing in the form of assignment of trade receivables
  • Domestic recovery factoring represents the basic product; however, foreign receivables may also be financed following an individual assessment
  • Optional insurance of receivables against risk of default
  • Collection and administration of short-term receivables (up to 90 days) also included
  • By default, assigned receivables are paid in the amount of 80% of their nominal value
  • Draw on funds based on the current amount of receivables
  • Promote your company’s liquidity
  • Offer deferred maturity of invoices to your customers for up to 90 days
  • Factoring company informs customers about outstanding receivables in predefined deadlines

You might also like to know

  • Receivables that are not settled within 90 days are not automatically excluded from financing – more beneficial financing terms compared to a standard operating loan
  • Online communication via eFactoring application:
    • Assignment of invoices
    • Overview of receivable statuses
    • Communication with the factoring company (receipt of invoices for provided services)
  • Factoring is not suitable for:
    • Unstable customer structure
    • Situations involving restrictions on assignment of receivables
    • Receivables that are pledged to third parties
    • Reciprocal performance of parties
    • Deliveries to related parties

Important information for you

  • Profi Factoring is intended for:
    • Individuals and legal entities – business clients
    • Clients authorized to carry out business activities in the Czech Republic
    • Clients with tax liability in the Czech Republic
    • Clients eligible for loans under relevant legal regulations
    • Clients that regularly supply their goods / provide their services to repeat customers
  • With your Profi Factoring application, also submit:
    • Documents authorizing business activities
    • Financial statements – depending on accounting form:
      • Applicants with standard accounting
        • Income tax return for previous fiscal period
        • Financial statements – i.e. balance sheet, profit and loss statement, notes to financial statements, and cash flow statement, and auditor’s report (if any) for previous fiscal period 
        • Current financial statements – balance sheet and profit and loss statement
      • Applicants with tax records
        • Copy of an income tax return (incl. annexes) pursuant to Act no. 337/1992 Coll., on Administration of taxes and charges, as amended, for the previous fiscal period
        • Supplementary information – tax records
    • Framework agreement, contract on works or copies of orders/invoices (as appropriate) for each included customer

Intended for

Entrepreneurs and enterprises operating in the Czech Republic (for details and documents see the Product details section).


Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.