• Pre-Mortgage Loan

    Short-term loan for financing construction or reconstruction amounting up to 90% of the mortgage property value.

Up to 90%

Get up to 90% of the mortgaged property value.


Even finance self-build construction and reconstruction projects.

Before mortgage

Invest in your property before qualifying for a mortgage loan.


Benefit from fixed interest rate throughout the loan term.

Why KB?


Cooperative housing, privatization, construction, development projects, and others.

Do not rush

Loan term of up to a year or 2 years for self-build construction and reconstruction projects.

Leave it to KB

Real estate assessment ensured by KB together with a certificate of title.

How to get this product?

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About Pre-Mortgage Loan

  • Short-term loan that will allow you to finance housing in situations when you do not have any property suitable as security (most commonly in case of cooperative housing, privatization, developer or self-build projects)
  • With Pre-Mortgage Loan, you can build or refurbish your home on your own (self-build) or finance advance invoices)
  • Pre-Mortgage Loan is intended for:
    • Czech citizens, foreign nationals with permanent residence in the Czech Republic and citizens of EU Member States with residence permit in the Czech Republic
    • Up to 4 people and two households
  • It is provided in combination with subsequent mortgage loan with minimum loan amount of CZK 100,000
  • Maximum amount is limited by:
    • Amount of subsequent mortgage loan
    • Value of mortgaged property
    • Amount invested in the property
    • Client’s ability to repay the loan
  • Fixed interest rate for the entire loan term
  • Available without security – up to CZK 3 million

You might also like to know

  • Pre-Mortgage Loan may be used to finance:
    • Purchase of real estate (joint or exclusive property)
    • Real estate reconstruction, modernization and repairs – as a self-build project, and to pay advance invoices
    • Settlement of joint ownership/inheritance claims relating to real estate
    • Purchase of cooperative apartment
    • Start real estate construction through contractors
    • Start real estate construction on land owned by city or municipality
    • Start “quickconstruction of prefabricated houses
    • Consolidation of previously granted loans or credits used for real estate investments
    • Purchase of real estate in case a seller is not willing to assign title to you prior to the purchase price transfer

Important information for you

  • Real estate assessment ensured by KB together with a certificate of title from Real Estate Register
  • Get up to 90% of themortgaged real estate value
  • Loan drawdown
    • For specific purpose with presentation of individual documents corroborating the given purpose:
      • To an account specified in a contract of purchase (in case of acquisition)
      • To accounts of contractors (in case of construction/reconstruction)
      • To client’s current account (in case of compensation/refund)
  • Loan repayment
    • Monthly payment of interest (on 10th or 15th day of each month)
    • One-off repayment of principal from subsequent mortgage loan
  • Pre-Mortgage Loan requirements:
    • CZK account for individuals maintained throughout the loan term in KB
    • Valid identity documents – ID card, passport
    • Proof of income – Confirmation of Income form or tax return, as appropriate
    • Mortgage loan application
    • Other documents based on loan purpose – e.g. contract of purchase, building permit, project documentation, etc.
    • Documents for the financed property – e.g. title deed


The repayment period of a Pre-mortgage Loan is between 1 and 24 months.

Loan amount CZK 1,300,000, maturity 14 months, fixed interest rate 2.99% p.a., APRC 3.25%, total repayable sum CZK 1,345,109.21. 1st interest repayment CZK 1,511.61, 2nd - 12th interest repayment CZK 3,239.17, 13th repayment CZK 1,301,727.56. One-time fee for: loan processing CZK 2,000, real estate appraisal CZK 1,000, application for entry into the land register CZK 0, request for deletion from the land register CZK 0. Monthly fees for: loan administration CZK 0, MůjÚčet current account CZK 0, electronic statements CZK 0. The example is calculated using the drawdown date of 01/12/2016, and the loan maturity is on the 01/01/2018. The loan is provided without a security.


Necessary documents are specified in product details.

Specific conditions

You must be 18 years of age or older to apply for the product.

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