• Syndicated Loan

    Special loan provided by a group of lenders.


Finance even the most demanding projects.


Benefit from a wide range of services, including consulting.


Let us propose the most cost efficient bespoke solution.

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Simplify your funding

We are able to design complex funding solutions.

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Our experienced team of dedicated experts is here to support you.

Secure refinancing

We will also propose optimal refinancing of existing liabilities.

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About Syndicated Loan

  • Syndicated loan is particularly suitable for financing of mergers and  acquisitions, corporate expansion, refinancing of existing liabilities and project financing. It is characterized by substantial funding amounts that are usually provided by group of lenders.
  • A syndicate is formed on when a client authorizes an arranger (or group of arrangers) to form a group of lenders. Individual arrangers then present their offers to the  client, who then selects a specific  highly individualized solution.
  • Syndication of the loans reduces risk for the lenders and allows the client to simplify structure of  liabilities. Syndicated loan carries usually lower interest rate than bilateral loan due to risk reduction.
  • One of the arranging banks usually acts as a syndicated loan administrator (agent). The agent  is selected once the syndicate is formed
    • Solutions are highly customized
  • Clients benefit from comprehensive customer service in all stages of the syndication process., Our services include:
    • Dedicated team of specialist for each deal
    • Consulting services relating to all aspects of syndicated loans
    • Syndicated loan arrangement
      • From market monitoring and price discovery to final proposal
    • Agent services

You might also like to know

  • We arrange syndicated loans  in the amount ranging from CZK 500 million to CZK 10 billion
  • We arrange the following types of syndicated loans
    • Revolving
    • Fixed-tem
    • Fixed-term – gradual repayment
    • Due and payable at the end
    • Short, medium, or long-term
    • Secured and unsecured
  • Client and the lenders enter into a single loan agreement
  • Your rating will be a key component in obtaining approval for the transaction
  • Client = usually a company with excellent rating
  • Clients may accept the most favourable terms

Intended for

Corporations, enterprises, businesses, financial institutions, municipalities and non-departmental public bodies.

Loan amount

Komerční banka arranges Syndicated loans ranging from CZK 500 million to CZK 10 billion.