• Documentary Collection

    A documentary payment instrument that ensures security of business transactions for both parties.

No commitment

As a buyer, you get to keep your cash longer.


As a buyer, you can enjoy the peace of mind that the goods will be shipped.

Right time

As a seller, you can be certain that documents are only released against payment.

Why KB?

Peace of mind

Documentary Collection provides more assurance than a clean payment.

Pay less

Lower fees compared to Documentary Letter of Credit.


Simple processing of all required documents.

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About Documentary Collection

  • Documentary Collection is one of the conventional documentary payment instruments mainly used in foreign trade and respected in most countries
  • It is an ideal solution in situations where the trade partners are not prepared to trade without any security.
  • Documentary Collection is namely suitable in cases where lower risk does not require bank’s involvement in the contractual relationship
  • The payment of Documentary Collection is not secured by the bank’s obligation
  • We recommend this instrument in situations where the seller has no doubts about the buyer’s willingness and/or ability to take and pay for the goods
  • It is suitable in cases where the political, economic, and legal environment in the buyer’s country is regarded as stable
  • Documentary Collection gives the seller a guarantee that neither the presented documents nor goods (in case of documents of title) will be released to the buyer without compliance with the collection terms and conditions, usually in the form of:
    • Documents against payment
      • Presenting bank only releases documents to the buyer against a payment order for the collection settlement
    • Documents against acceptance
      • Bank only releases documents against the acceptance of a bill of exchange/issuance of a promissory note by the buyer

You might also like to know

  • With Documentary Collection, there is no need to tie up cash upfront making it is particularly beneficial for importers
  • Importers can enjoy the peace of mind that the goods were shipped
  • Stronger payment assurance for exporters compared to clean payment.
  • Lower fees (compared to charges for Documentary Letter of Credit processing)

Intended for

Clients mainly dealing with trade transactions.


Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.