• Trade loan

    Advance funding for producing or purchasing export goods.


Make better use of your company’s cash flows.

Special terms

Offer your customers better payment terms.


Use our advisory services before concluding a transaction.


Exchange rate risk hedging.

Why KB?


Talk to us before you conclude a contract.

Flexible payments

Loan repayments according to the letter of credit payment date.

Loan in contract currency

The loan currency will be the same as the contract currency.

How to get this product?

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About our Letter of credit discounting

  • The loan can be used to finance production (i.e. purchasing materials or covering the operating costs of production) or purchasing goods for export.
  • It is available for specific contracts. This makes managing cash flows easy.
  • The loan  is secured by a signed export contract and a letter of credit
  • Increase your company competitiveness by offering your business partners better payment terms
  • The loan is a natural hedge against foreign exchange rate risks because the loan and the contract currency are the same
  • Get more accurate cost calculations with our help

You might also like to know

  • The loan repayment Letter of credit must be confirmed by KB
  • The loan can be up to 80% of the issued letter of credit
  • Better payment terms for customers – improve your competiveness by combining a trade loan and invoice discounting

Intended for

Companies and sole traders