• Trade & Finance Online

    Easy and secure online communication for loans and Trade Finance products.


Secure online communication. Submissions made in the application are legally binding for both the Client and the Bank.


All transactions can be monitored in real time.

Around the clock

The system is accessible from anywhere and anytime.

Above and beyond

Take advantage of superior internet consulting services.

Why KB?

Just ask

We will provide you with technical and professional consultation.

Avoid errors

Automated data validation verification protects you from making errors.

Save time

Just copy a previous transaction or create an application template to submit a new trade application.

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Select a branch, leave your contact information – we will call you back.

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Trade & Finance OnLine – A Modern Communication Tool for Loans and Trade Finance Products

  • The application is for clients that use:
    • Short-term loans (under the FSFA)
    • Revolving loans (under the FSFA)
    • Documentary letters of credit
    • Documentary collections
    • Bank guarantees
  • The application can be used:
    • To securely submit information and documents to us. Submissions are legally binding.
    • For access from anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • To draft and submit new applications using preset templates or by copying previous transactions. There is no need to deliver paper documents to us.
    • To change your Trade Finance products
    • To have real time overview of submitted applications
    • To produce summary reports of all transactions

You might also like to know that:

  • The application has a simple and easy to use layout with extensive help and professionally prepared document templates
  • Additional services include:
    • First login assistance
    • Guidance from our relationship managers on processing repayments/drawing revolving credits or short-term loans
    • Help from our Global Transaction Payment Systems Specialists on how to use Trade Finance products. They will also check the payment terms and answer any questions about bank procedures.
    • An online Assistance feature for quick and effective cooperation with our specialists via passive screen sharing
  • Make your work easier with built-in system verification easier to reduce errors
  • If necessary, we can provide technical and professional consultation
  • The application includes professionally prepared texts and phrases

Important information

  • To use the TF On Line application you must conclude a Financial Services Framework Agreement (FSFA) with us.
  • You will need:
    • a smartcard reader
    • a certificate on a smartcard
    for secure access to the application
  • Our Global Transaction Payment Systems Specialists will help you with your first login

Terms of Use

You must conclude a Financial Services Framework Agreement (FSFA) with us to use the application.

Application access

You need a smartcard reader, a certificate on a smartcard and an internet connection to use the application.