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In order to succeed on international markets, you first and foremost need high-quality and competitive products or services. However, thorough knowledge of the environment and situation within the area that you intend to enter will also come in useful.

With the resources of the Société Générale Group, we benefit from vast experience in the area of international business operations in more than seventy countries worldwide. In each country, our employees as well as their clients are embedded within the local economy, thereby having first-hand knowledge of the given environment and its specificities.

For more information about professional and economic advisory, visit the Professional Assistance and Economic Insights sections. For more information about banking services and products relating to payment and security instruments, go to the Trade and Export Services section.

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Economic Insights

We provide extensive information service to exporters and importers – our own and in cooperation with the Société Générale Group.

KB commentaries and analyses

A team of KB (macro) economists prepares analyses and predictions of key macroeconomic indicators for the Czech and Slovak economy for KB and its clients. Komerční banka’s GDP and inflation predictions received the Consensus Economics awards for the most accurate panellists participating in the Consensus Forecast survey in 2013 (Czech Republic) and 2014 (Slovakia).

  • Investment strikes back

  • Czech economy accelerates: The Czech economy has entered the late expansion phase and GDP growth is accelerating. We expect it to reach its second-fastest pace of the last ten years. Although we see a minor slowdown next year, the expected investment boom should ensure a still decent level of growth.

  • Wages are set to grow and propel price growth: The shortage of workers is even greater than before. This is feeding wage growth which is keeping pricing pressures strong. Headline inflation should remain close to 2% even in 2018.

  • CNB will hike once per quarter: The CNB is not set to follow its forecast blindly. We believe it will use the current economic expansion to proceed with rates normalisation. We expect it will hike once per quarter until the end of 2018.

  • The koruna will continue its long-term appreciation trend: The exchange rate should break the level of EUR/CZK25 by end 2018. We expect the ongoing normalisation in the forward market to continue.

  • Increase in government spending and investment: Next year, the economy is set to see further fiscal stimulus, as the central government budget deficit is targeted at CZK50bn, and an even deeper deficit is possible. Bond yields and CZK IRS are set to increase further in 2018.

  • Download the full report here.

All commentaries and analyses are available for download via the KB Investment Banking website.

Import Export Solutions Portal

The Import Export Solutions portal offers, for example:

  • Profiles of 186 countries
  • 25,000 market reports
  • Information concerning legal regulations and customs tariffs
  • Database of potential suppliers and customers
  • Calendar of business-related events
Portál Import Export Solutions

In order to receive such information, you have to register. However, this registration is very quick and free. The website is available in English and French. Use “000000000” as Company Registration No. when logging in for the first time.

Portál Import Export Solutions

All data included on KB Investment Banking website are for information purposes only. Komerční banka, a. s., does not vouch for the correctness and completeness of any information available on this site and cannot be held responsible for any damages. Important Notice.

Professional Assistance

In every region, our global transaction payment system specialists are at your service. They will be happy to assist you with all products and services for trade, export, and conversions.

  • Thanks to their extensive expertise, they are able to provide advice on the structuring of the client’s export/import transaction to take care of the seller’s and buyer’s risks.
  • Global transaction payment system specialists also provide product support for the Trade & Finance OnLine that enables the online processing of bank guarantees and documentary payments.
  • Companies seeking the best solution for their needs or alternative ways of their co-operation with the bank will appreciate the sharing of the practical knowledge related to the use of payment and hedging instruments, specialized financing products and investment banking products.


Plzeňský, Karlovarský and Ústecký Regions, parts of Středočeský Region (Praha-západ, Kladno, Rakovník, Beroun and Příbram)

Jana Petrová

Fotografie: Jana Petrová

Tel.: +420 955 581 237

Mobile: +420 602 659 260

E-mail: jana_petrova@kb.cz

Královehradecký, Pardubický and Liberecký Regions, parts of Středočeský Region (Praha-východ, Mladá Boleslav, Benešov, Kutná Hora, Nymburk and Mělník)

Martina Toralová

Fotografie: Martina Toralová

Tel.: +420 955 571 248

Mobile: +420 602 275 406

E-mail: martina_toralova@kb.cz


Michal Obručník

Fotografie: Michal Obručník

Tel.: +420 955 532 093

Mobile: +420 737 226 658

E-mail: michal_obrucnik@kb.cz

Jihomoravský, Jihočeský and Vysočina Regions

Radek Mendlík

Fotografie: Radek Mendlík

Tel.: +420 955 583 920

Mobile: +420 724 112 503

E-mail: radek_mendlik@kb.cz

Central Moravia and Moravia-Silesia Regions

Pavel Němčík

Fotografie: Pavel Němčík

Tel.: +420 955 562 927

Mobile: +420 724 160 800

E-mail: pavel_nemcik@kb.cz

Benefits of the Société Générale International Group

Since October 2011, we have been a member of the international banking of the Société Générale Group, one of the largest European financial groups. Société Générale has been playing a vital role in the economy for 150 years. With more than 154,000 employees, based in 76 countries, the group serves more than 32 million clients throughout the world on a daily basis. In each country, Société Générale employees as well as their clients are embedded within the local economy, thereby having first-hand knowledge of the given environment and its specificities.

Therefore, KB experts and our colleagues around the world will assist you at all stages of your international business operations:

  • Market entry and company incorporation abroad
  • Cash flow management
  • Transaction security and hedging
  • Currency risk management
  • Funding for your expansion to international markets
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