• Electronic Receivables Pledging

    The solution enables automatic upload of month-end receivables aging report into the Bank’s system.


The upload is fast, simple and secure.


Complete overview of incoming payments is automatically available.


You do not need to print out receivables aging reports anymore and bring them to us.


Use your existing online banking account to upload the data.

Why KB?

No waiting

Our system contains conversion program so you can convert foreign currency amounts to CZK.

Free of charge

We will install the conversion program free of charge.

Save time

The pledging agreement will automatically be execute when you electronically sign off.

How to get this product?

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At a branch

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About Electronic Receivables Pledging

  • Ideal solution for clients who wish to use their receivables as collateral for funding
  • Receivables aging reports can be submitted through regular batches via MojeBanka and Profibanka
  • Receivables are pledged on the basis of an electronic signature of the client/bank
  • Some accounting systems are compatible with our internet banking solution – You can simply upload the relevant reports from your accounting software directly to KB internet banking
  • Universal conversion program is also available, with possibility to send  receivables  reports from other applications – we will ensure the conversion program is installed at your company  free of charge
  • You can pledge receivables in denominated in foreign currencies – our system will automatically convert them to the relevant CZK equivalent

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Intended for

Sole traders and companies who wish to use their receivables as collateral for working capital funding.


Some accounting systems are compatible with the KB system so the relevant receivables aging reports can be uploaded directly into KB systems.