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    Modern and secure internet banking for business clients.


No need to visit your bank – handle everything from your office.


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State-of-the-art security solution on the basis of an electronic signature.

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Internet banking may be integrated with your accounting system.

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About MojeBanka Business

  • Modern service provided by KB that makes it possible to perform date-to-date banking transactions on the Internet
  • Enjoy nonstop access to your bank from any computer connected to the Internet, with immediate information about your current balance, as well as continuous control over your account transactions
  • Manage all of your accounts, with access provided to several users with different privileges and rights
  • Security designed in compliance with electronic signature standards – each active transaction is signed with your electronic signature
  • Protect your computer from online threats with a well-proven solution Trusteer Rapport
  • Professionally trained customer support available at +420 955 551 552

You might also like to know

  • Get current information on accounts and transactions:
    • Receive up-to-date information about all of your accounts that are accessible via MojeBanka Business
    • View transaction history for individual accounts
    • Receive information about account transactions or inform your customers about payments made via text messages (SMS) or e‑mails
    • MojeBanka Business can be integrated with your accounting system – payment orders and transaction history downloads – used formats: BEST KB, Compatible Media (KM), SEPA XML for orders, domestic format XML for transaction history
  • Simple execution of payments and other transactions:
    • Intuitive submission of payment and direct debit orders, standing orders, direct debit permissions, also for O2 Czech republic, a.s.
    • Top up your mobile phone credit for all domestic operators, with possibility to pay telephone bills for Vodafone
    • Simple completion of international payment orders with a wizard
    • Multiple control over executed transactions
  • Payment card administration:
    • Show individual payment cards incl. their design
    • Online card application with delivery to submitted address
    • Define various card parameters – online payments, limits, automatic renews
    • Contact data administration – address for card delivery and telephone number for PIN delivery and authorization text messages for online payments (3D Secure)
  • Save time and money:
    • No need to visit a branch
    • Lower fees for account maintenance and transactions
    • Arrange a meeting with your relationship manager – simply select the meeting time based on your preferences and relationship manager’s availability

Important information for you

  • MojeBanka Business – requirements:
    • Valid identity document is necessary for the purpose of an agreement
      • Czech residents: ID card
      • Foreign nationals with permanent residence in the Czech Republic: permanent residence permit for foreign nationals, with specified permanent residence in the Czech Republic
      • Foreign nationals without permanent residence in the Czech Republic: passport
    • To provide other individuals with authorized access to your account, they must come to a branch with the same documents
    • To open a business account in KB, also present your Trade Certificate or Commercial Register extract
    • Personal certificate
      • First step to setting up MojeBanka Business is to create a personal certificate – in a file or smartcard
      • For personal certificates in a file, it is necessary to register a mobile phone number for delivery of authorization text messages for active transactions 
      • Your certificate will secure communication between you and the bank – to login and/or sign individual transactions
      • Personal certificate is in the form of a file and may be stored on portable media (floppy disk, USB flash drive, CD) or smartcard (smartcard reader must be installed)
  • How to get your personal certificate?
    • Conclude the relevant agreement at your KB branch. Once at your computer, pick up a functional personal certificate via the Certification Wizard
    • For personal certificates on a smartcard, visit your KB branch. Conclude the relevant agreement and get a functional personal certificate on a smartcard

Intended for

Entrepreneurs, enterprises, cities, municipalities and their clusters, regions, and their organizations.


All transactions are signed by user’s electronic signature, with all communication being secured.

Customer support

Professionally trained customer support available at +420 955 551 552.

Profi Account

A current account with everything you need for convenient management of your business finances.


Mobilní banka Business even safer

Now manage business account in mobile app safer with security from IBM.


Direct Channel

An extension to MojeBanka Business that simply connects your bank with your accounting system.


KB eTrading

KB eTrading is our internet based Foreign Exchange and Money Market deposits dealing platform.


Electronic Receivables Pledging

The solution enables automatic upload of month-end receivables aging report into the Bank’s system.



Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.


A clearer home screen and electronic signing of contracts

Changes in navigation

We have amended the main navigation screen of MojeBanka Business internet banking. Now, instead of the single Messages and Documents item, you will find a Messages item and a Documents item.

In the Messages section, we will continue to send you commercial and operating information, while in the Documents section you will find account statements, conditions relating to products, and archives of your electronic documents.

Úpravy v navigaci
Sign contracts and other documents electronically

The electronic signing of contracts and appendices, which saves you having to visit the branch, is a new option for you. Currently, you can sign a current account contract here, while selected clients can sign a contract on the issue of a debit card.

We are also introducing the option of the multiple signing of documents - you yourself will determine how many signatures are required on the document, so that your company’s dealings are legally correct.

In the future, we will expand the electronic signing option to include other types of documents, in order to save you as many trips to the branch as possible.

Podepište smlouvy a další dokumenty elektronicky

Direct debits will be smarter

In this new version, we will offer you a new type of notification of the detailed reason for the non-execution of a direct debit, by e-mail, SMS, or the so-called push notification in Mobilní banka. We will also introduce the option of the online setting up of a direct debit permission by 8.30 pm on the business day.

We want direct debits in KB to be smarter, which is why, during this year, we will offer you new options in direct debit processing, which will ensure that the direct debits on your account are executed efficiently, while simultaneously protecting you against possible delays in their payment.

We are preparing a revolutionary new option in direct debit processing for you, which will be available in the autumn. Among others, it will simplify your communication with mobile operators, energy suppliers and other direct debit recipients, as well as setting a new level of security in direct debit execution. You have a lot to look forward to.

If you want to find out about other news and payment gadgets, click on Platím chytře.

Improved payment notifications

On payment orders, we have improved the payment notification functionality for you; it will simplify the sending of notifications considerably. We have already filled in your e-mail address and telephone number as initial values - all you have to do is choose where you want to send the notification.

Vylepšené oznámení o platbách

Remove saved previously topped up phone numbers

MojeBanka now allows you to delete a telephone number which you previously saved for easier topping up. In this way, future top ups will be simpler and clearer for you.

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