• Cashback – POS Cash Withdrawal

    Cash withdrawals in the course of POS payments.

New customers

Attract new customers with this special service.


Allow your customers to make secure and convenient cash withdrawals.


Increase sales – customers spend more with their cards.


Customers save time otherwise spent looking for an ATM.

Why KB?

Increase sales

This service may contribute to higher sales.

Be helpful

Your customers can benefit from superior services.


We will help you optimize cash funds at your stores.

How to get this product?

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About Cashback

  • It allows debit card cash withdrawal during a POS payment
  • Customers benefit from maximum comfort – leading to higher prestige of your establishment
  • Concurrent card payment and cash withdrawals – it saves customers’ time
  • Payment terminal splits the transaction into two:
    • Purchase
    • Cashback – no additional fees to the bank
  • Increase number of customers using their cards and promote operational safety – with lower cash reserves in stores

Important information for you

  • Cashback terms and conditions:
    • POS payment for goods or services – via KB payment terminals
    • Minimum value of purchase is CZK 300
    • Maximum cash withdrawal amount – CZK 1,500
    • Minimum withdrawal amount – CZK 1
    • Only available in Czech crowns and within the Czech Republic

Intended for

Entrepreneurs and enterprises that use KB payment terminals.

Specific conditions

For the service installation, you must use a KB Payment Terminal for Payment Card Acceptance in Stores.

Payment Card Acceptance in Stores

Accept cards via POS terminal in your store to promote prestige and drive turnover.


Payment Card Acceptance in Foreign Currencies

Accept payment cards in foreign currencies – without any foreign exchange losses.



Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.


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Cashback – POS Cash Withdrawals

Withdraw cash of up to CZK 1,500 together with your POS payments in stores.


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