• Payment Card Acceptance in Stores

    Accept cards via POS terminal in your store to promote prestige and drive turnover.

Higher sales

On average, customers spend 30% more with payment cards.

New customers

Allow random or international customers to shop in your store.

Lower costs

Reduce costs associated with cash management and deposits.


Lower risks associated with substantial cash reserves in your outlets.

Why KB?

Get a guarantee

Komerční banka guarantees payments thanks to international card systems.

Promote your prestige

POS terminals in stores increase merchants’ prestige.

Pamper customers

Customers will appreciate convenient card payments and will come back.

How to get this product?

Get the service online – directly in the MojeBanka application.


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About Payment Card Acceptance in Stores

  • Solution that will allow your customers to pay for goods and services with their payment card – via a point of sale (POS) terminal
  • Benefit from acceptance of cards of the largest card associations issued by any bank in the Czech Republic or abroad
  • Optional Cash back service that allows your customers to conveniently withdraw cash directly via a POS terminal
  • MULTICURRENCY makes it possible to accept payments in EUR, USD, GBP, and RUB – directly to a KB account in the given currency (no conversions or foreign exchange losses)
  • Simple payment terminal connection via telephone line or Internet (with the line still available for other purposes)
  • Stationary POS terminals (for payments at checkout zones) and portable POS terminals (restaurants, hotels) available

You might also like to know

  • Payment terminals automatically verify customer’s card expiration
  • Payment terminals automatically verify customer’s sufficient account balance
  • The solution also allows the printing of card payment slips for customers and merchants
  • We will organize a payment terminal operation training for your employees

Intended for

Entrepreneurs and enterprises

Specific conditions

Tax liability in the Czech Republic

KB Deposit Card

Quick and easy cash deposits via deposit ATMs of Komerční banka.


Payment Card Acceptance in Foreign Currencies

Accept payment cards in foreign currencies – without any foreign exchange losses.


Payment Card Acceptance on the Internet

Payment gateway and other optional services allow convenient payments for your customers in your online store.


All about KB ATMs

KB ATMs offer cash withdrawals and deposits, change of PIN codes for cards, customization of withdrawal notes and many other features.



Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.